Month: December 2014

Out with the old

Happy New Year’s Eve! We spent most of the day doing homework (Sydney), building roller coasters (Alan & Zachary), and working on the to-do list (me). I figured I would have tons of time to get things done during this vacation time, but the kids want to play and I want to play with them! Little by little it’s getting done. Mostly I am preparing for my in-laws memorial. We are going to put together pictures of them, so I am getting those into a digital format.

We also played some ping pong. Love our new table!

I put my 2014 mileage recap together today and I realized it was 1,749.7… too close to a whole number. So, I hopped on the treadmill for .3 miles, in my Christmas socks. I’m all about getting that nice round number!!



Later in the night we had our own mini family New Year’s Eve party. Complete with a Spy Kids movie, shrimp, board games, and a toast at midnight. Happy new year to you!!!



First hard run

My training calendar had my first speedwork day today.  I nervously anticipated this day.  Since I’m following a modified Pfitz plan, it called for a Lactate Threshold run, 8 miles, with 4 at HMP (half marathon pace).  With this knee thing going on, I wasn’t quite ready to bust out with a HMP (around 8:00 min mile I think), since I haven’t run anything even remotely that fast in two months, I decided to go with 8:34 for the fast pace of the run.

The other parts of the run was at 9:30.  It felt OK to run the speeds, but my cardio endurance has definitely taken a hit since my last race and I hopped off for a rest at the top of every mile.  It was a bit exhausting!  But, for a starting point –  I rocked it!

My knee did not hurt at all when I ran, but afterwards it was a bit sore, so I iced it.  Wrapped it up in a pretty scarf and rested for 20 mins.  Unfortunately my knee also hurt when I was walking up the stairs too, which is a new pain.  So I would say that between skiing this past weekend, and this hard run, I gave my knee a beating.


When I emerged from the basement the kids were already up, and plugged in.  Life is all about AnimalJam and Minecraft these days.


The next task on my to-do list…. unpacking.  Sigh./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8f2/33160970/files/2014/12/img_4363.jpg

Fortunately today was my physical therapy appointment.  I got my knee re-taped, since a bit of it was falling off due to my numerous soaks in the hot tub after skiing.  The PT said that I could tape my own knee and showed me how to do it.  I’m not sure if that means I should just go ahead and do it, or wait for her.  Hmmmm.  She gave me some more exercises which were a duplicate of what my regular Dr had given me.  Not sure that is giving me hope at this point.  What is different is that I am using weights for the exercises.  I will carry on with those and see how it goes!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8f2/33160970/files/2014/12/img_4365.jpg

Run, ski, fun day!

Last night when I went to bed I told DH that if I wake up early, I’ll run on the treadmill at the hotel. Even though I was half joking, when I get that idea planted in my mind, it usually comes true! Sure enough I woke up at 6:30, which gave me an hour until the family was going to get up.  I snuck around quietly in our hotel room getting my gear together.  I had the most exciting discovery… the graphics on my new workout shirt were glow in the dark!  Pretty ironic, I doubt I would have ever discovered that in my normal workout environment.



I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and watched an interesting show called “hip hip & love Hollywood”. Interesting because I couldn’t figure out where the complimentary earbuds plugged in and I had to watch the show with closed captioning. It was a lot of “bleep”s. Oh my!

We spent the rest of the day skiing and enjoying our time together. The snow was good at Nubs Nob, but it sure was colder than I expected!
We skied until 3pm, then made our 5 hour journey back home.



Goodbye Marv

Last night a very special man passed away. It was my father in law, Marv.

He was always so sweet to me and made me laugh, just like Alan does.

But he missed his wife so much, and wanted to be with her. He passed away peacefully with his kids by his side. We will miss him a lot 😦

In the morning we decided that we really needed to get out of town and return back on that ski trip we were going on yesterday. So, we packed the truck up again, and drove 5 hours back to the ski area!

The kids swam in the hotel pool, and at night we snuggled in bed and watched some TV. No running today, but it was a much needed rest day!


Not as we planned

Our ski trip up North ended up being canceled due to the condition of my FIL.





We drove up to Boyne City and went to some resale shops. We bought a pair of ski boots for Sydney. They were quite a deal at $10. I also bought a Christmas village house with lights and movement! Very cool.

Then we got the bad news and headed back home. 😦

My first PT visit

Today is a rest day from running.  It’s Christmas Eve!  I had my first appointment with the physical therapist for my knee.  I feel like such a whiner talking about my knee, when there is hardly any pain.  I just have this lurking feeling that if I don’t address it, something terrible will happen.

The PT asked me all sorts of questions, measured, and prodded at me.  Then she came up with a theory and had me do some exercises.

She thought one of the smaller muscles that pulls my kneecap one direction was too weak, and the other muscles was pulling it the other direction.  So, she taped my knee to help the weak muscle out while it gets stronger.  I’m not sure exactly how long this plan will take, but I do have 3 more appointments scheduled in the next 2 weeks!

The tape was so stinking tight on my knee when she first put it on, it was painful to move!  The tape is so strong that it will stay there for a week.  Luckily it really did stretch out some, just like she said it would.

Instead of running I decided to try a workout I had heard about on my Another Mother Runner podcast.  It is the Core H routine.  Oh my.  That was hard.  I barely even made half of the moves.  Oh well.  It’s a start!

Was that a long run??

Getting back to running after almost 8 weeks off has been hard!  I haven’t stopped running, but there is a huge difference between running around 10 or 15 miles a week compared to my marathon training of 40 plus miles a week!  Today’s run was a 8 miler.  I ran outside and it was nice to listen to my music and a podcast.  I really love listening to my Another Mother Runner podcast the most.  It’s just like running with my friends, but I don’t have to do any chatting 🙂

The weather was nice, but I was a little overdressed.  My gloves came off after a couple miles.  The hard part was the cardio part of the run.  I wasn’t trying to break any records, or make any goals, but whew, I was beat when I got home.  It felt like a 20 miler!  What?  It was only a regular weekly 8 mile run??  ugggh.  It will all come back to me…. right?

The road to Boston begins now!

With everything going on right now, I don’t even have a plan in paper yet (who am I kidding, it would be in my Google Calendar!).   But, I have trained enough for Boston Qualifying that I know the routine.  I just peeked at my calendar from last year and decided today would be the day my Boston training begins!

What is super awesome about this training cycle is that I am actually training to run the Boston Marathon – not to qualify for it, like I had been trying for the last two years!  WOOT!

I have been plagued with an ongoing knee annoyance for the past 8 weeks.  It is in no way “painful”, or debilitating, but it’s annoying, and I know it’s there.  I will be addressing that soon at my first physical therapy session this week.

This training cycle I plan to focus on several things:

1) Strength training.  I’ve got to hit the gym/weights at least once a week, but preferably twice a week.  I find it awfully boring, but I think it really made the difference at Erie Marathon (where I got my BQ).

2) Hills.  Hills.  and more Hills.  Everyone knows Boston is a hilly course.  And, those hills will eat me alive if I don’t train for them.  Hills are rather hard to find here in my part of Ohio, but I will be running the Newton Hills simulations which Coach Alan (my hubby) will provide me with on our treadmill.  When the weather permits, I’ll hit the small “hill” over by the mall and do some hill repeats.

3) Focus on getting my knee better so I can finish my training cycle and show up uninjured to Boston.

That’s it for now.  Be strong!

Run for Fun

Running is good therapy.  Good for body, and good for the soul.  I needed to get out and get some fresh air today, so I convinced the kids that a short “3 miler” would be a good thing for them to join me on.  And it was.  The park was so pretty.  I would prefer to have it with snow on the ground, but it did make for a scenic romp through it.

Nice form kids!!

My mother in law passed away yesterday.  Some fresh air and peacefulness was needed, and this was just right.  I’m still quite in shock about it, and I’ll really miss her.  She was such a sweetheart.