Month: February 2015

Taking it “easy”

Being on our third day of skiing, we decided to ski right at our resort. That left us more time to hang out in the morning, but more importantly, go for a morning run!  I was a little concerned because the temperature said -2 with a “feels like” temp of -15!  Normally I would say “h@ll no!” to running outside at that temp, but this was a beautiful location so we had to get out there and do it. 

The high altitude practically killed me!  It was really exhausting, and it was  really cold out, but definitely worth it!  We ran 5 miles, which felt like they were all uphill miles.  But look at this view!!

After running we had a hearty breakfast and then hit the slopes of Keystone.  It was a good time like usual. At Keystone they have a kids fort at the top of the mountain. Really cool!

Since we are skiing at our resort, we had lunch in our condo. I barely got off the couch after eating!  Luckily I resisted the temptation to nap, and after I got back out there I felt energized. 

We hit some big and little jumps. 

Dinner, hot tubbing, and some hydrating with Hi-C. Excellent day :)

Q: have you ever had altitude sickness?

A: not really, but I have had some dull headaches that are probably related to the altitude. I need to drink more water on this trip!!


The almighty Vail

If there’s one place you ski out here, it should be Vail. The granddaddy of them all. We got the pleasure of skiing in 9 inches of fresh powder today. So awesome!

We spent the morning shredding up the back bowls and Blue Sky Basin. 

We took the kids on some black diamond runs that were outside of our comfort zone, but we all survived!

We had lunch slopeside at the Dawg Haus.  The hot dogs were great, so just ignore the look in Zack’s face because I just caught him off guard!!

We stayed on the slopes until they closed and we all had some pretty tired legs by that point. We are having a great time though!

Here is Zack’s new shirt. We think it completely is right on the mark for him!!

And finally, an Instagramed pic of our dinner. Because, doesn’t everything look even yummier with a little Lo-Fi?

Skiing Breck

We skied at one of our favorite resorts today. We were pretty tired this morning. It was such a long trip here. We arrived around 7:30 pm at the airport, but it took at least a half hour to get our skis unloaded. They need more employees unloading luggage! After we got our rental car it was still another 90 mins or so to the condo. But first, a quick trip to the grocery store! By the time we got to the condo it was 11:40 pm. Especially exhausting when you factor in the time zone – 1:40 am in our time!  Whew!!

Soon after we started skiing, the snow clouds moved in and kept a continual pelting of snow all day. 

It was a bit of an issue when we got up to a very high altitude because we got a bit disoriented with all of the snow reducing our visabilty!

We enjoyed some cold beers and yummy foods at Downstairs at Erics. 

Ticket to Fly

Maybe I was a little too enthaustuic about my trip the gym yesterday.  I got a thought stuck in my head about leg strength improving my chances at the hill in Boston, so I did an extra set on all of the equipment yesterday.  Oh.  I was feeling that this morning.  Not to mention my rear is also sore from the sledding adventure on Sunday.  How can you enjoy the bumps and jumps of the sledding hill without ending up with a sore butt?  I would love to know the answer to that one!

My foot was not feeling quite so sore this morning  though.  My coworker, who is a yoga instructor, suggested that foot massage might help, so my foot got a thorough massage before I went to sleep last night.  I think it really helped the issue of my foot bothering me when I sleep.  Yes, I do stress out that my foot hurts even when I am trying to sleep!

I got up bright [dark] and early at 5am to get those 11 miles done this morning.  Despite my sore legs, I pretty much nailed my run.  7 miles were at 8:20 pace.  Then, out of nowhere, we got hit with another school delay!  Dang, that kind of messes up my day.  But no worries, because after 7am, it’s REST DAY(s)!  And, if that weren’t special enough, after 1:30pm today, it’s VACATION!!

I know, I know… the people of Ohio want vacation to be a beach location.  While I’m all about fun in the sun, our family is down for some good old fashion playing in the snow… in the Rocky Mountains!!


Sure, sore thighs are not the best thing to be heading on a ski trip with, but who cares!  I am ready for it.  I’m especially ready for the big sacks of cookies we get at Mary’s Mountain Cookies.


Packing for a ski trip is nothing to be taken lightly… literally.  We have 2 ski bags, 2 boot bags, and 2 big suitcases full of snow stuff!  With all of our gear, I pretty much took PJs and 1 shirt.  We live the life of ski bums and barely even change out of our ski gear so there is no need for an extensive wardrobe.

Alan and I did bring our running gear, so hopefully I’ll get to post a few breathtaking photos our high altitude runs.  I’m going to try to get out for two runs, but I will be just as happy with one.  Vacation here we come!!

Q:  Vacation preference – beach or slopes??

Q:  Do you pack light for your trip, or pay for more bags?

Week in review – 8 more weeks until Boston!

What?  Only 8 more weeks?  When I first typed this, I thought it was 10 weeks away.  Oh my, 8 weeks!  It’s a good time to review how my running has been going.

Last week I got some good mileage in.  59.6 miles.  Once again, wish I would have done the math because I probably would have run .4 miles more!  But also once again, my foot is feeling a bit more sore than before.

So I did it.  I made the call.  Dr’s appointment to check out my foot happening next week.  I hated to schedule that appointment, but I really should get it checked out.  To review – knee, not really a big deal any more – foot, more of a problem now.  Sigh.  Alan has informed me that even if it’s a stress fracture I am still running Boston.  <and I agree!>

As for training – I am staying on track and hitting almost all of my workouts.  That’s a great thing.  This morning I had a 5 mile GA run.  Tomorrow, 11 miles with 7 at HMP.   Sounds challenging!

I do get a gold star for today.  I went to the gym!!  And yes, I do wear the same outfit to the gym every time I go.  Sometimes I mix it up and wear bike shorts instead of capris.  Crazy!!

2015-02-23 12.44.29

We had some good laughs tonight before bedtime.  Notice anything odd about this picture??  Now we have proof that the cat is possessed.  Sydney looks slightly suspicious too.

2015-02-23 20.27.48

And later, Zachary had a snuggling/selfie session.  Love that little guy 🙂

2015-02-23 20.40.23

That’s it for tonight.  Gotta get up early to get that run in.  Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the day my foot decides to feel better!!

Q: Do you like to round off your mileage for the week, or just don’t care?



Shamrocking it on Sunday

It’s been a great weekend!  We started out with a friend sleeping over Friday night.  Can you tell the kids are addicted to Minecraft around here?  This is how I found them Saturday morning.

2015-02-21 10.19.40

I’m still feeling some foot pain after my running.  This is where the pain is….  so if anyone with some medical knowledge is reading my blog – please let me know what it is!  I only feel the pain when my toes are pointed down, foot stretched out.  Mostly the pain is located near the bottom finger in that picture.

2015-02-21 08.27.07

I went for a run this morning which was broke down into 3 sections.  The first three miles I did by myself, at an easy pace.  9:04 avg pace.  Then I met with my friend and we chatted and ran three more miles.  10:30 avg pace.  Then I ran home another 2.6 miles and had these paces: 8:43, 8:08 and .6 miles at 7:56.

2015-02-22 09.48.48


The trail was looking quite beautiful this morning!

2015-02-22 09.27.21

I am always happy to see an “8” in my paces but pushing it to the “7” (ok, just barely) was super exciting for me.  I even did a little happy jump when I got home!

2015-02-22 09.47.27-1

The selected photo was way better than this lame attempt… too many things not working for that shot!  haha

2015-02-22 09.48.07

Then we had to get out and enjoy the new snow that arrived over the weekend.  We hit the sledding hill hard.  So hard in fact that our trusty circle sled finally cracked all the way through.  It had a good, good life.  We will miss it 😦

2015-02-22 13.13.02

After building up an appetite from all of that physical activity, we made a run for the border and got the new Quesalupa at Taco Bell.  Pretty good!  Then we remembered that it’s the season for Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds.  So of course we had to stop by there too!  Very much out of the ordinary for us to go to even one fast food place, but I don’t regret it one bit 🙂  yum yum yum!

2015-02-22 14.11.14

Q:  Do you have any seasonal fast food favorites?

A:  Shamrock shakes are our big thing!  Besides that, I can’t think of any other seasonal favorites.

Q: Do you prefer sledding on your own sled, or barreling down the hill with a buddy?

A: Either way is fun for me.  We also made a big family chain of four sleds which was quite a thrill!

Q: Have you ever played Minecraft? 


It’s been such a long time

While thinking of random things on my run this morning, I started thinking about an appropriate title to summarize today.  I came up with “It’s been such a long time”, which is the lyric to an old Boston song.  Boston?  How ironic!

Today’s weather actually set a record, and there was no way I would be outside in anything that was sub zero.  So, more bonding with the treadmill.

2015-02-20 07.10.40

I had the entertainment plan all worked out.  First hour would be a movie.  Second hour would be catching up on The Bachelor.  Third hour would be catching up on some shorter shows.  After that third hour… well, anything goes!  Here’s my treadmill starting out… a mere 3:18 to go!  I ran this run very slow to start with.  I wanted to make it easy.

2015-02-20 08.17.57

I didn’t plan my movie choice out well because it ended up being boring!  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  just didn’t keep my attention.  So I moved on to a kids favorite – Mr. Peabody & Sherman.    Then, watching the nuts on The Bachelor.  Finally, a bunch of other stuff.

The run went well, except for a minor interruption around mile 14.  I got a call from work.  They do a great job of not calling on my day off, so when they do call, it’s something important.  One of our locations needed help with their computer.  I wasn’t sure how long the call would take, so I decided to walk while I was talking.  That took 8 mins.  Bummer though, because it dragged my time down.  Not that this run had anything to do with speed, it’s always a morale boost to end with a good time.

End of run… it really was such a LONG time!

2015-02-20 11.45.38

Best part of that picture though… the number which got cut off on the right.  Calories burned = 2,130!  Well, not exactly due to our elevated platform, but still, over 1,500 for sure. 🙂

After relaxing a bit, eating, and finally talking to my kids (home from school for another snow day!!), I took Zachary shopping with me while Sydney was at the mall with a friend.

I felt the need to celebrate the long run!  Ice cream is great any time of the year!

2015-02-20 15.24.29

TGIF!  I’ve got some sledding with the kids on my agenda this weekend.  And a run with a friend!!  But for the rest of today, just hiding out inside enjoying the warm indoors.

Q: Do you celebrate your long runs?

A:  I do!  I try not to go too overboard and eat everything in sight, but hey, sometimes it just happens 🙂




Loving the strides

Our routine is getting to be, well, pretty routine!  It starts with some chilly weather.  And then a 2 hour school delay.  And eventually, another school cancellation!  Those lucky kids.  A few years ago we had such mild winters and now we’re getting hammered.  Good to be a kid.  Definitely making some good memories of when they never had school 🙂

2015-02-19 05.39.48

Today was the only early morning run I had this week.  Getting up at 5:10 am seemed so early, especially because I wasn’t in the habit of going to bed early this week!  But it was actually an awesome morning because I had an 8 mile run with the last two miles as .1 mile strides.  I am enjoying doing the speedwork this training cycle because it makes me feel fast.  On the other hand, the hills make me feel exhausted and out of shape!

My strides started at 5k pace (8:00) and went progressive to 6:54.  Next time I need to start them faster so I can really push myself into that sub 7:00 mile range!  They say you can only get faster by running faster, so push it every now and then!

After running, and while I was still thinking I had a few hours before work due to school delay, I also got to do an ab workout.  You know the one… 8 min abs.

And then, I tried a new video of foam rolling for runners.  I got my foam roller as a gift a few years ago and I’ve used it on problem areas only.  But I finally took the time to search for a more “all body” rolling video and I’m glad I did.  I found this one…

Let me just start with.. ouch!  Man, that hurts to foam roll on many of those body parts!  And then… ahhhhh!  When I got done those parts were feeling really good.  Now I understand 🙂  She did mention in the video that it gets “easier” and will feel less painful when you do it more often.  I’m sold.  I need to start including some foam rolling time after all of my hard workouts.

2015-02-19 07.42.50

Soon, it was 7:45 and I got news that the school was closed for the day.  Oh no!  I have to take a shower and leave for work in a half hour!  Thank God for ponytails!  I made it on time with not a minute to spare.

In addition to it being beer and pizza night with the hubby, having a great workout, and getting foam rolled, the other awesome thing that happened to me today was that my daughter shared this super sweet Valentine treat with me.  Loving it.

2015-02-19 12.48.56 HDR

Hope you had an awesome day today too!  Due to super cold temps tomorrow, I will be running my 20 miler on the treadmill.  I could have rescheduled it for another day this weekend, which was supposed to be warmer, but I really dislike going out for long runs on the weekend.  They take up so much time!  Seems faster on my day off 🙂

Q:  Would you rather… run 20 miles on a treadmill, or run it on an inconvenient day?

A:  Ha, that’s a trick question because I’m probably the only one who would say treadmill 🙂

Digging those paczkis

It’s pretty darn chilly around here again this morning.  Not sure why this weather photo has a clear road with green fields, because it is a winter wonderland around here!  But no worries, hitting the treadmill is my thing.  5 easy miles done this morning.  My foot is still feeling odd, but not a ton of pain, and no pain when running so it’s still “on watch”.

2015-02-17 07.48.35

There was a scheduled school delay so I went to work late, and took Zachary with me.  He was super happy because I made my iPhone a hotspot so he could hop on the internet.  The bank has the wi-fi locked down, and I don’t even use it.

For lunch I stared organizing my thoughts on my yearbook duties.  My yearbook is due at the publisher on April 9th, so it’s time I get moving on that thing!!  Perhaps if I didn’t spend time blogging, and reading blogs I would be further ahead 🙂  But where’s the fun in that?

2015-02-17 12.40.26

At night I got together with the neighborhood ladies to play some bunco.  Don’t let this less than flattering picture fool you – we are actually a pretty awesome, fun group of friends.  We’re just being serious or something in this shot.  I actually won $6 tonight.  Well technically it cost me $5 to play, so I was only up a dollar, but still – WIN!

Since it’s Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday, and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow, I indulged on 2 drinks (oh my!), several snacks, and half a paczki!

2015-02-17 21.00.46

Q: Do you get together with your friends on a regular basis?

A: I always look forward to bunco night… especially when it’s not at my house!!  

Q:  Did you have any paczkis for Fat Tuesday? (bonus points if you know what a paczki is!)

BoYo adventures

I woke up as a non-cranky person today 🙂  My foot was feeling a bit improved and I decided to give it another try!  I was excited because I had 8 miles with 5 x 800 m (1/2 mile) @ 5K pace with 1/2 mile rests in between.  Taking advice from several people I decided to lace my shoes up loosely and overall my foot felt good.  If anything, it was feeling more “numb” than painful today.

I nailed my run too!  I started with a 2 mile warm up and then did my first 1/2 mile fast starting at my near 5K pace (8:00) and went progressively faster each fast set.  My last set was at 7:14.  Next time I do those I should push it even faster!  Then I forgot that my last mile was supposed to be a mile cool down, so technically I got an extra 1/2 mile fast in there because I can’t follow a training plan.

Here’s my workouts for this upcoming week:

  • Mon – 8 miles fast, done!
  • Tues – 5 miles GA
  • Weds – Rest
  • Thurs – 8 miles with last 2 miles .1 strides
  • Fri – long run.  Still not sure.  I have 14 on the plan, but might do 20 due to upcoming vacation!
  • Sat – Rest
  • Sun – 8 miles GA (might need to cut down based on Fridays run)
  • Total = 43 or maybe 49!

My shoe choice today was my Mizuno Elixirs.  They have been getting lonely in my closet.  I need to run on these more often.  They felt good!

2015-02-16 08.50.32-1

When I went upstairs I found my son snuggling up on the heater vent.  Those blankets are the softest, warmest thing we have – next to our kitties that is.  It’s Presidents Day, so no school for the kids, and no work for me since it’s a bank holiday.  Woot!

2015-02-16 09.26.03

We went to a science museum today – Imagination Station.  We are members but he haven’t been there a lot, so I figured it was time we visited.  Great news was that Zack was now big enough to go on the BoYo.  Yes, the Body YoYo!  He was so excited to go on it for the first time.

2015-02-16 11.11.29

Sydney was psyched because she made it to the top this time.

2015-02-16 11.09.43

I had a lot of fun on the BoYo too!  I’ll admit that I am the best one on it.  I can get to the top in just a couple of jumps.  Sydney and I look a lot alike in these pictures.  We actually both picked out a similar colored workout shirt today.  Great minds thinking alike.

2015-02-16 11.12.43
There was a very cool guitar exhibit going on.  A lot of really nice guitars to learn about.

2015-02-16 11.13.44

We got our glow on in the black lights.  Look at those lovely teeth!

2015-02-16 11.40.39

This turned out really cool…..

2015-02-16 11.50.15

And finally, Sydney did some planking while we waited for the simulator theatre.

2015-02-16 12.22.45

It was a fun day with the kids.  Bummer that Alan couldn’t be there.   We’ll have to go again soon so he can have some fun there too!

Q: Do you know how to play the guitar?

A: I do!  I have a cheap guitar and I took a classical guitar class in college.