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Mohican 100 Mile Trail Race… as seen by the crew

2015-06-19 16.34.59 HDR-1

It takes a special kind of crazy to want to run 100 miles.  But after being at this event, I get it.  After hearing the stories of so many people who didn’t finish, I get it.  What a goal to achieve, or even attempt!  I’ve learned that the ultra running crowd, especially the trail runners, are a unique and very cool group of people.

We camped right at the campground where the race was being held.  That was quite convenient. Our race weekend started out Friday night with an informative, and encouraging meeting.  They introduced runners that were joining the “1,000 mile”and “2,000 mile” club – people who have finished the race 10 or more times.  Impressive!


This event had 3 race distances – 100 mile, 50 mile, and the “fun run” of marathon (26.2 miles).  We saw a few people from our area and made a few new friends over some beers.


We had a traditional pasta dinner for our runner, which was quite interesting because pasta is not usually on our camping menu and we were missing some basic spaghetti cooking items which would have been handy.  Also, we got to use the oven in our camper for the first time for the garlic bread.  All in all, it was delicious!


The race started at 5 am on Saturday, and unfortunately, so did the rain.  It poured down steady for quite a few hours and didn’t completely stop until around 4pm.  The course, which goes through the Mohican State park was turned into a mud fest.  The trails were full of mud, rocks, water and lots and lots of hills.  Some of the hills actually required climbing “hand over hand”.


The trail marker sign pointed straight up!

I didn’t join Alan at the race start, but we did get to see him at one of the main aid stations, around 26 miles.  We caught up with him the first time around 11am.  He was looking good!  Each aid station has food and essential medical supplies (band aids, toenail clippers, tape, etc).  Each runner had two drop bag locations about 13 miles apart.  As Alan’s race “support crew”, we didn’t really have any of his supplies but we helped get him anything he needed at the aid station and were there for moral support.

2015-06-20 10.54.17

2015-06-25 07.49.04

One of two drop bags for Alan.

We sent him off and then went the next aid station with our ponchos and cow bells to cheer him on again.  This was a surprise for him and it lifted his spirits in the soggy weather.

2015-06-20 11.00.55


Here comes our runner out of the woods!!


The aid stations were all well stocked, and staffed by helpful volunteers.


Off he goes, feeling A-OK!

The next time we saw him was around 7 pm.  Dinner time!  Pizza at the aid station for the runners.  Other foods included PB&J sandwiches, salty snacks, sweet treats, drinks and other “runner friendly” food items.  Alan was still looking good after completing 50-some miles and was heading into the most difficult loop.  The next loop would be dark during the night, and especially difficult on tired legs.  He turned on his headlamp and we wished him well because his next anticipated stop here was around 2am, a bit too late to bring the kids out.

2015-06-20 19.01.26

After giving it a little thought, I knew I really wanted to see him in the wee hours and after running 75+ miles he would need some support.  I watched a movie with the kids in the camper, and went to bed around 11pm.  I told the kids that I was going to get up in a few hours and cheer Alan on.  I was prepared – went to bed in my clothes, wearing my contacts and makeup (because a pretty crew member is a helpful crew member!! haha).  At 1:45 am I woke up and headed over to the aid station.  I learned that he passed through the prior aid station around 1:00 am, so I still had a good hour to wait.  At 3:20 am I saw some of the guys who were running around the same pace as him.  3:30 am passed.  4:00 passed.  I was a bit worried.  At 4:40 am a runner came to the aid station and reported “A runner is down.  He twisted his ankle and needs help”.  UGH!  That was Alan.

The first plans were to send a pacer from the previous aid station out to get him.  By 5am we had no report of him being found so I offered to go get  him myself since I had the truck and I could bring him back.  They asked me if I had “gear”.  Uh sure, I have this little flashlight. I got to enjoy a cup of trail mix and a cup of water, which was pretty awesome because the crew and families were not allowed to enjoy the runner’s foods at the aid station.

I drove the truck to the closest point I could find with roads and then had to hit the trails.  If you can imagine, the trail is marked with little orange flags, and large turn signs – and here I am with a little camping flashlight at 5 am running in the woods to find my husband!   I was slipping around in the mud since I only wore my Newtons, which definitely don’t have any grip to them.  I think I went at least a mile, passing a few runners along the way (I was going backwards on the trail).  They all said the “injured runner” was up ahead.  I called out his name along the way, and eventually I got a reply!  Woohoo, I found him!!!

I found him resting on a log rubbing his ankle.  He had made it 73 miles, and couldn’t go anymore on that ankle.  I was a sight for sore eyes 🙂  and a complete surprise.  I helped him up and guided us down through the wood out on to a road that was nearby.  It was very rough for him to go “off trail” through the brush and I could see the pain with every step he took.  I waved down a passing car, which luckily was a woman heading to go get her husband who also did not finish the race.

After we got back to the campground we headed straight to the showers.  People who are running for more than 24 hours really do not have the best odor.  Just saying.  The biggest challenge was getting the compression sleeves off!  I couldn’t do it and we didn’t want to rip any toenails off, so I just cut them off.

2015-06-21 06.28.39

His feet were a big mess.  One swollen ankle, and some heavily blistered feet.  I made these pictures small, so if you’re brave feel free to click on them to really see them.  You’re welcome!

2015-06-21 21.51.49 2015-06-21 21.51.27

2015-06-21 21.50.56 2015-06-21 21.50.42

After cleaning up, he took a long, well deserved rest in the camper.  He was happy with the miles he did complete.  He was in the majority, judging by the race stats:  100 mile mens race – 70 finishers, 84 DNF.  A tough day on a very tough course!  The course had a 32 hour limit, and the fastest guy ran those 100 miles in 17:59!!  The women had 18 100 mile finishers, and 26 DNFs.  I don’t think I would ever be up for a 100 mile race, but we are thinking seriously about coming next year for that “fun run” of the marathon!

Soon I will have Alan give his point of view on the race, so stay tuned for that guest post coming soon!


Q:  What’s the farthest distance you’ve ever run?

I’ve completed a 50K (31 miles).  Most.pain.ever.


A decade? Happy Birthday Zachary!

10 years old already?  Seriously, that 10 years have just flown by.  10 years ago I was driving to the hospital with my husband to deliver baby #2, my little guy Zachary.  Technically I think I was actually driving the car, and I think that was the time my husband forgot the camera, so we had to drive back home to get it (pre-smart phone days!!).  Good times!  I also remember very clearly that during my c-section I started getting dizzy and told my Dr.  She said “Ok, how’s this?” and she turned a knob and I was feeling all better within seconds!  Technology is pretty awesome.  When Sydney arrived at the hospital to meet her brother, she was not so thrilled about that but really loved the elevator!


Days before Zachary’s arrival…


A favorite picture of me and my little guy chillin’….

Speaking of technology, the theme of the birthday cake was Minecraft, so I spent last night crafting a cake worthy of such a phenomenon.  I had some difficulties with it, but in the end, you slather it with frosting and it’s all good!  Here’s the cake (black square in the back) before it was frosted completely….

2015-06-24 20.37.56

Do you see the cookie cake in the picture?  I think the bakery lady was mad at me because the decoration was not all that in was hoping for.  I could have done better myself.  Apparently they prefer that I phone in my order for a cookie cake the day before you’d like it – not HOURS before you want it.   Hey, I work better under pressure, so should they! 🙂

Sorry, but it will be a few more days before I get that 100 miler report written up.  Got big birthday plans this weekend.  More birthday celebrating, trampolining and 5 boys spending the night at our house!!

In running news – I have an interesting week of 9’s on my schedule.  9 for Monday (only did 5 though), 9 on Thurs and my 18 mile long run will need to be broken into 2 parts of 9 miles due to other things going on.  When I woke up this morning I was debating if I should run.  I am still fighting a cold and staying up late this week hasn’t helped. But I decided I wanted to see the sunrise, so I went out.  63 degrees with 88% humidity is so much more enjoyable than anything over 70 degrees with high humidity!  I started out pretty slow not caring about my pace.  As each mile clicked off I started to realize this was going to be a nice progression run!  Yeah!

todays run

Note: the turnaround point at 4.5 involved a hill (twice) and opening up a park gate because the park wasn’t officially open yet, so a slower mile.

During my run home this song came on and it got me all choked up, like always.  Every time I hear it I think of my kids and relate it to the dreams and hopes I have for them in life.  And, it being my son’s birthday today, I wanted to get home to snuggle with him before he got out of bed.  Goal accomplished – I got to wake him up with a happy birthday greeting!  I hope that made his day as much as it did mine 🙂


Q:  Do you have any birthday traditions at your house?

The birthday person always gets to pick out dinner (out to eat) and they get birthday balloons.

Q: Do you like to decorate cakes?

I do enjoy decorating them…. and mostly EATING them!

Q: Favorite flavor of ice cream to go along with birthday cake?

Lessons learned and napping at my desk

2015-06-21 10.32.53

I will have a recap of my husband’s 100 Mile race very soon… just letting the curiosity grow a little! 😉

2015-06-21 10.27.25

I have a few exciting things to declare today.

Poison Ivy Rash…. no longer the bane of my existence!  Sure enough, a good 3 to 4 weeks later, the rash has cleared up.  I do have some phantom itches going on, but there really isn’t anything there.  Other than some scars where the rash was.  Boo on you rash!!  Lesson learned? Avoid yard work at all costs.

Perhaps someday I will remember this….  (taken from here)


PF, tendonitis, aka: mysterious foot pain.… also gone!!  Not sure what the heck was going on with that, but I hope it is gone for good.  I spent the past weekend still hobbling around feeling like someone smacked my feet (and wearing flip flops wasn’t the greatest for it) and then today it feels all better.  Lesson learned?  I need to control my speed better at 5K races because I am just too much of a powerhouse for my own good.  hahaha  Or maybe watch out which shoes I race in.

Here’s what wasn’t exciting today – my 10 mile “speedwork” on the training calendar.  Monday’s 9 mile run was cut down to only 5 miles because 1) I didn’t feel like waking up super early 2) I thought I should take it easy on the recovering feet.

Today’s run was 10 miles with 5 miles at HMP (half marathon pace).  I looked at the weather this morning and it was 73 degrees, with 83% humidity. I knew I didn’t want another failed pace run, but I really wanted to run outside.  So I decided I would just run the first 5 miles outside at an easy pace (given the humidity, it wouldn’t be hard to!).  Then for the speedier 5 miles, I hit my treadmill.

The plan went well.  I was excited to get outside even though I knew it was going to be tough.  What I didn’t expect to be even tougher was the 5 pace miles on the treadmill!  I  won’t lie – the treadmill was the only one who actually “ran” all of those 5 miles.  I took way too many water sip breaks and just plain old panting, resting on the rails.  Shame on me.


But on days like today, I just was happy to have gotten all of the miles done.  Eh, another day I’ll get those speedier miles in.  That, and now I only had 30 mins to get ready for work.  And somewhere along the way I decided I should wash my hair, since I am going out for drinks with friends tonight, and I blow dried/flat ironed it in a record 15 mins!

Funny thing is, no matter how “put together” and “composed” I think I look, I have a reality check when I get to work and my co-worker asks me if I went tanning last night.  Ummm, guess I hadn’t completely cooled down by the time I got to my desk! 😉  To make matters worse I stayed up way too late last night and was fighting to stay awake at my desk by 9:00 am.   Drinking lots of water and needing to make trips to the restroom was the only thing that saved me.


Good thing my office is only 10 mins away.  Well, technically I could make it in 7 mins if you don’t consider 8:32 late!!  8:30.  8:32.  It’s all good!

I hope to get the race info published soon.  It was quite a weekend!!


Q:  How many hours of sleep is most productive for you?

7 hours is a pretty good amount for me.  Never more than 8, or I feel “overslept”!

Q:  Is washing your hair a process for you?  How long does it take to do your hair?

I love my long hair, but dread any day that I have to wash and style it.  20 mins usually.

Q: How long is your commute to work?


Why my husband needs to become a sports Dr.

So now that my husband has left the corporate life of computer programming, I think he needs to start a second chapter in life as a sports Dr.  Why?  So he can diagnose my never ending string of issues I’ve been having!!  This is assuming that a sports Dr. is also trained as a full Dr. and can help me with the other non-sports related issues.


LOL! Sometimes I crack myself up!!!

Let’s recap my year thus far…

  • 4/20/15 – Trained for Boston 2015, had weird “top of foot pain” (fixed by lacing shoes differently), and knee pain (still occasionally bothersome, but steroid shot seems to have calmed this down).
  • 4/23/15 – Had stomach flu.  Thought I would die from it.  Luckily, only lasted a day or so.
  • 5/1/15 – Had oral surgery.  Spent 3 weeks in the most pain of my life.  Well, maybe my c-sections were worse, but I was a sleep deprived zombie with a beautiful baby, so it all worked out.
  • 5/26/15 – Developed rashes (plural!!) from poison ivy.  Still struggling with this issue.
  • 6/15/15 – Caught a cold.  Got clogged nose and sore throat.
  • 6/16/15 – Woke up with unexplained sore feet.

That brings us to today.  My clothes were all ready for me to get outside and run 8 miles.  No big deal.  But when I woke around 5am and got up to use the bathroom, I noticed that the pain which was on the right foot the night before, was now back on both feet!!  Thinking it probably wasn’t the best idea to run with this pain, I turned my early morning alarm off.

2015-06-18 07.55.08

What a shame these went unused… I even matched today!!

Here’s the things I could have (and should have) done when my early alarm went off:

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Clean up my office
  • Lift weights
  • Do abs and strength exercises

Here’s what I did:

  • Turn off alarm and sleep in
  • Felt like a lazy blob
  • Had crazy dreams that I had some major medical problem that would plague me for life
  • Woke up with arms that had fallen asleep and were numb, thus perpetuating dreams of major medical problem
  • Felt sorry for myself
  • Started my day with anger and disappointment

When I eventually got out of bed another thought it me – it was something Alan mentioned to me the other day – “maybe it’s plantar fasciitis?”  This idea scared me.  I did some research and the one thing I found in common was the pain getting worse while I slept.  But the location of the pain on my foot seems inconsistent with the other symptoms.

I found this graphic which was I had to bleep out the word because it was just too “R” for my PG blog 🙂  But it does illustrate my feelings.  I highlighted the area I am having problems with…

foot copy


image from here

Another condition I ran across a lot was Peroneal Tendonitis.  From this picture, the pain is definitely more on the peroneal tendon side than the plantar facsica side.


I thought the website was a good source of information about the condition, although I just skimmed through it and saw “rest”, “ice”, “pain meds”, which is pretty common for any overuse running injury.

If you made it this far in my post give yourself a high-five!  Thanks for listening to my rant and I’ll try to do better to be more upbeat in the future, but this morning was a real bummer for me.  Time to refocus and get a grip on reality… even though this is the biggest thing in my world right now, there are far worse things going on.  Great things going on..

  • It’s Thursday, so it’s officially the start to my weekend!
  • Heading out camping tomorrow – fun family time!
  • Supporting Alan on his big race!  He’s going to do great, I just know it!

Finally, while editing that picture above (what, you thought that was a real Dr. picture??), I used this picture which technically is a TBT picture from 4 years ago at one of the early 5K’s for my kids.  Awwww, look at my kids!  Look at the matching outfits!  Look at our old school Asics shoes!!  (obviously before I was obsessed with colorful running shoes).  Both of the kids have cut 10 mins off their 5K times since this picture was taken.  Nice!!




Q:  Any thoughts on the issues with my feet??

Q:  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Q:  5K race times… remember your first and your fastest?

My first was right around 30 mins and now I can run 24:57 mins.

Q: Any predictions on what Alan’s finish time will be for the 100 mile trail race?

I’m guessing it will be around 26 hours.  Give or take a few hours 🙂


URD, achy feet – itchies – and 100 miles

Here’s my “awwwwww” moment of the day… I had a slight traffic delay when driving home from work last night.  There was a little parade in my neighborhood.

2015-06-16 17.09.36 HDR 2015-06-16 17.09.38 2015-06-16 17.09.48

On Tuesday I ended up taking an URD – Unscheduled Rest Day due to a sore throat which appeared overnight (literally – woke up with a very sore throat in the middle of the night).  But what was even more odd was that by the end of the day on Tuesday, I could barely walk.  My feet were super sore for some unknown reason.  It was the bottom outsides of my feet, across from my arches and a little bit of my heels.  I really had no reason for this pain but I was wincing with every step before bed.  WTH??   Luckily it was feeling about 90% better when I woke up so I hit the treadmill to get Tuesday’s 8 miler done.  Hoping it goes away by the evening and doesn’t get worse again!!

I did have a small breakthrough in my rash this morning – last night was the first time that I can remember in 3 weeks that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night scratching madly!!  I take Benadryl before I go to bed and maybe it wears off, or it just doesn’t work.  Either way, the bumps are still there and areas of my body still have a rash – which surprisingly doesn’t even look anything like poison ivy to me, just a bunch of bumps – which begs me to scratch at it.  And most times I oblige, well, just because it feels so darn good to itch it!!  I know.  My bad.  Who would have thought this darn rash was going to be a month long affair!

2015-06-17 07.48.37

Ewww, didn’t I promise I wouldn’t show any more pictures of rashes? Sorry, couldn’t help it.

For two nights now I have been putting a paste of baking soda with water on it and I really believe it helped a lot.  The areas looked improved.  So much so that I canceled the appointment I had with my Dr. on Tuesday.  I hate to spend the $$ on a Dr. visit to show him something that may be clearing up.

2015-06-15 20.08.51

Yes, it’s really attractive!!

Preparation for Alan’s upcoming 100 mile trail race at Mohican has arrived, so we took a trip to the running store to get some gear.  You know – never wear anything in a race that you haven’t run with before.  Well, we laugh at that wisdom!  Alan bought a new hand held water bottle, which will fit his iPhone better, and a new water belt because he’s thinking he might not want to wear his hydration vest the whole time.  Better to have options!  Alan said this was his Father’s Day present.  That works for me 🙂

2015-06-17 07.42.00

We also found these awesome shoes for Zachary in the kids sale section.  My baby is wearing PureFlow!!  I’ve never worn Brooks, but these seem pretty awesome so I’m glad we found something that fit him… and did I mention we scored them for $35!!  Deal.

2015-06-17 08.05.59

This morning’s run did end up going well.  My feet were a little sore when I started, so I took a collection of shoes with me not knowing which pair would feel best.  I quickly realized that the Newtons were the winners as they kept me running on my forefoot instead of mid foot.  I’m sold, their technology does work!

2015-06-17 07.22.03

8 miles done.  Last 2 miles were .1 strides, starting at 7.8 (7:42 pace) going to 8.8 (6:49 pace).  It’s going to be a great day!!


Q:  Do you wear different shoes for everyday runs vs speedwork?

This training cycle have been mostly Newtons.  But I did wear my Mizuno Elixir’s for that race on Saturday, maybe that caused the foot pain??  hmmmmmm

Q: Do you use baking soda for more than baking?

I do use it in the pool, and occasionally for cleaning.  It sure has a long list of uses!

Q:  What are you looking forward to this week?

I’m really looking forward to our camping trip to Mohican and to cheer Alan on!

St. Joseph’s 5K and running the hill

2015-06-12 11.10.28

Here’s a proud girl who got to have 3 fun days of equestrian camp.  They had a mock horse show and she won a ribbon for her skills steering her horse.

2015-06-12 10.49.58

Recap of Friday night… remember when my kids ran the Kids Glass City Marathon?  Well, they got a bunch of coupons for free items at Chick-Fil-A.  We don’t go out to eat very often, but we definitely like to take advantage of deals when we get them.  We had a meal for the family (2 kids meals, 2 sandwiches, 2 waffle fries, a milkshake, and a cookie) for only $7.95!  Deal!!  And to top it off, their employees were the most polite, helpful workers we have ever run into.  I even wrote a nice note on the company website to let the manager know!

Saturday morning was my 5K race.  I was really wondering how the race was going to go down.  Running this week made me question if there was something wrong with me and wondered if I could even continuously run 3 miles!  I know, that’s a bit dramatic, but I’ve heard stories of people having serious health issues where they start the same way – “I couldn’t even run a mile anymore…”, so that always freaks me out a bit when I struggle.  Anyhow, back to my story…. The weather was looking pretty rough at race start – another day of high humidity, 94%!  The temperature was a little cooler at 63 degrees.

2015-06-13 08.49.44

I had thought about running a larger race today, but this race was super close to my house and it supported the church that my boss belongs to.  Small race.  Close to home.  Doing good for the community.  All wins!  I think there were only 125 people in the 5K, and a lot of them were kids and families.  When the gun went off I noticed a group of kids sprinting in front of me.  No way these kids were going to last past 1 mile.  I’ve seen this scenario many times.  But after 2 miles those kids were still cruising way ahead of me!  Impressive.

I had only one screen on my Garmin and it showed my distance and my overall pace.  I was hoping to get under 8:00 min miles.  First mile clocked in a 7:55.  Hey, not bad at all, considering this humidity!!  Mile 2 had a surprise – a long stretch up a very steep hill.  Oh man.  That sucked.  My Garmin data showed my pace was as slow as 11:02 at the end of that hill climb.  And equally surprising, I was blasting out a 6:15 pace on the way down that hill!!

The course was scenic, but whose idea was it to run up that hill??

Mile 2 came in at 8:08.  Doing the math, I’m thinking I could be getting a PR at this race  Nice!  Mile 3 was 8:06, and we finished the last 1/2 mile with another climb up a hill to the finish line.  Ugh.  Crossed the finish line red faced,  dripping with sweat, panting, and completely exhausted.  25:08   Not a PR (24:57 last year), but good enough for 2nd in my age group.

Ironically, the first place in my age group went to the girlfriend of my husband’s “race competition”.  We have a lot of races around our town so we get to know who is in our age group and which people are the “competition”.  Looks like I’ve got someone to look out for now too! 😉

Here’s the best part though… apparently my race entry form went into a raffle, which I was unaware of.  As I was waiting for the awards I found out I won the raffle and got a $25 gift certificate to one of the local running shops!  Woooooohoo!   Good day all around.

2015-06-13 09.24.57

After the race I went home I ran 2 more miles with my son.  I came up with a summer running “contest” with the kids to keep them motivated, and to help my daughter get ready for cross country in the Fall.  It’s the “50 mile club” and I promised them some great reward if they could run 50 miles by the time summer starts.  My daughter has already showed signs of competition by telling my husband that she didn’t want her brother to run with them because she wanted to “beat him”!  I wasn’t even trying to get the kids competing against each other, but I guess I can chalk that up to sibling rivalry!!  Gotta love it.


Q:  Do you have any sibling rivalry in your family?

My brother and I weren’t really into the same things,  so I don’t remember it.  But my Mom might have a different story!

Q: Have you ever won anything at a race?

I came in 3rd place in my age group at the Glass City Marathon last year so I got the hat I’m wearing in the picture above.  Also some arm warmers and a nice bag.

Q: Got any plans for Sunday, or just relaxing like me?

Really, is this it??

On tap for today was my long run.  Due to a switch up in my plan for the week, I decided to run my long run today.  I decided that I am going to run a 5K on Saturday morning, and if all goes well, I’m really going to RACE it.  I haven’t done that in a year, so I’m due for my 5K best effort check up.  I’m actually quite excited and nervous about it!  Also, my daughter is at equestrian camp this week and she is having a “horse show” on Friday so I don’t want to miss that.


Note: this is not actually my daughter, or anything like what my daughter is attending.  But it would be really cool if this is what they were doing at the horse show!!  I’d sign myself up for it next year!

It had the makings of a great run.  I got my iPod loaded with some interesting podcasts.  I charged up said iPod.  Laid out my clothes.  Charged up my watch.  Even filled my water bottle and had my cereal bar all ready so I could be up and out the door at 6am.  I marked myself in late at work, so I could get all the miles in.  16 total, 10 at marathon pace.


Well, life had other plans.  Here’s how it went…

  • mile .5 => yep, that 85% humidity was true, this is going to be hard.  Just take these miles easy.
  • mile 2 => Low battery message on watch.  What?  Ugh, my watch wasn’t really charging last night.
  • mile 3 => Sweat is pouring from my face.  Left speaker on headphones goes out.
  • mile 3.5 => Sweat has caused both speakers on headphones to stop.  CRAP!
  • mile 5 => Let’s just turn around now.  Just make it back home.  This sucks.  I’ll finish up on the treadmill.
  • miles 6-10 => Let’s just concentrate on finishing this run.  Think about how grateful I am that I am out here running.  I’ll just run until that tree.  Nope, going to start walking here now.  Come on.  Start running, let’s just finish this run!!!
  • mile 11-14 => on treadmill now.  Uggh.  This is cooler, but no better.  This is just not happening today.  I’m calling it quits at 14 miles.

Here’s the best part of my run – laying on the floor resting.  No jokc.  It was a rough one today.

2015-06-11 08.33.48

Did I hit any of those 10 miles at marathon pace?  Hell no.  Not even one.  When I was really “trying” at mile 3, I did get 5 seconds slower, no dice.  That was the closest I came.

Am I bummed about it?  Eh, it happens.  Will I survive?  Yes.  In the end, it’s all good.  Tomorrow is another day 🙂


Early forecast for Saturday morning (5K day) is 80% humidity again.  Fingers crossed I can do better!


Q:  Having a good running day today, or a bad one?

Q:  If only one was working, would you need your iPod or running watch more?

Having both out is just tragic, right??

Kittens!!!!!…. and Mizuno shoes

Ok, not really kittens (plural), but we did get a new kitten last night.  Isn’t she the cutest???

2015-06-09 18.50.06

Her name is Luna, and she won’t stay still for any pictures.  She’s a blur!

2015-06-10 08.15.03

But trust me, she’s just the sweetest little thing!  Only 2 months old.

2015-06-09 18.49.04

Zoe, our other cat, wants nothing to do with her and just kept growling at her.  I’m sure they will be best of buds in no time!

2015-06-09 18.53.20

In running related news, we attended the group run at the park.  Mizuno was the shoe rep that night.  I tried out a new pair of their minimalist trail shoes, Hayate.  They were much more narrow in the toe box than I expected.  Maybe I needed a half size bigger than my normal running shoe size.

2015-06-08 19.05.22 HDR

They did feel really good though.  I’d gladly wear them if they gave me a pair 🙂  Our family ended up running 2 miles together.

2015-06-08 19.03.21

Sydney tried out a pair of Wave Riders and we thought they were a good fit for her (size 7!!!) at first, but later in the run she said her heel hurt.  Not sure what is up with her feet and running shoes.  She signed up for Cross Country in the fall, so we’ll have to get her fitted at the running shop to solve that mystery.

2015-06-08 19.04.57


Q: Do you run in trail shoes?

I do have two pairs of trail shoes – Newton & Asics.  I like them both, especially in the winter to keep my feet warm.

Q: Do you have any pets?

Q: Are you a Mizuno fan?  Favorite model?

I have a pair of Wave Elixir, and Wave Cursoris.  I wear the Cursoris at the gym.  They are so lightweight I barely feel them in my gym bag!

Cedar Point – America’s Rock ‘n Roller coast

What, it’s Sunday night again?  Where did the weekend go?  Oh yeah, I remember – lots of fun things happening this past weekend.  My official weekend starts on Friday, so we took the kids to Cedar Point amusement park.  Have you ever been there?  I spent my childhood going there and it never gets old.  I am happy to report that my kids love roller coasters as much as I do.  Well, maybe I love them just a little more, but they are almost there.  We actually got to the park when it opened, which was a super rare occasion for us.

2015-06-05 16.30.04

Even though there were a lot of kids there (middle school/high school groups), the wait times were not bad and we didn’t wait more than 40 mins to get on everything.  Most were only a 15 min wait.  Here is a new ride from last year that I really love.  It’s like riding on a big twirling skateboard!

2015-06-05 17.16.09

We saw an Extreme show where they were performing stunts and doing jumps on BMX bikes, inline skates, and even a Razor scooter.  Crazy, impressive, stunts!

2015-06-05 19.19.10

We loved the petting zoo where they had a baby pig, baby goats, bunnies and these cute little animals that I have never seen before!

2015-06-05 16.36.52 2015-06-05 16.36.07

For lunch we brought along some Subway, but we also had these swiss rolls.  Chocolate cake and Reese’s peanut butter filling??  OMG, they were the best!

2015-06-05 13.49.01

We usually shut Cedar Point down, but we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday so we left around 8pm.  It’s a long drive home, so I didn’t mind leaving early.    Alan had his new Fenix watch on so he mapped us during the whole day.  It’s a lot of walking!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.13.27 AM

I’ve officially signed up for the Erie Marathon, so training is well under way now.  I’ve been so busy catching up on little things lately that I can’t even tell you how many miles I’ve run this past week.  I do have the following runs coming up:

  • Mon – 6 miles (also 3 with the running club after work weather allowing)
  • Tues – 8 miles hills
  • Weds – Rest!
  • Thurs – 5 miles
  • Fri – 16 miles with 10 miles at marathon pace (just hope it’s not so humid, or this will be miserable!)
  • Sat – REST! 🙂
  • Sun –  5 miles
  • = total 40 miles

Have a great start to your week everyone!


Q: Amusement park = roller coasters, spinning rides, or “no thanks I’ll just watch the shows”?

Q: Swiss rolls or Twinkies?

That’s mans work

I was up and at ’em at sunrise again, hitting the trails for an 8 mile run.  Not as exciting pace as last week.  It was humid, but I did get to see several baby bunnies and chipmunks hopping around and a deer actually walked onto the path in front of me.  I love when I get to see deer on my run!

With my husband being home now I was wondering what the family would be up to.  Here’s a glimpse into the life of a Dad who is at home in the summer!  I’ve been getting a few pictures of highlights that need to be shared.

First, they tackled some yard work.  We had some trees/bushes that didn’t survive our cold winter and needed to be removed.   Luckily, this was just staged shot!  Kids with chainsaws??  Yikes!  [don’t tell Mom!]

2015-06-03 10.26.56

Then Daddy (with the big heart) treated the kids for all of their hard work with a sundae from McDonalds.  Good idea, they were big helpers!  But PS, I only got poison ivy rash from helping with yard work.  It’s good to be a kid.

2015-06-03 13.59.50

Today they tackled opening up the pool.  Secretly I was relieved that I did not have to assist in this project, because believe me, it is one big project opening the pool.  It was less work being at work!  I mean, look at what we are starting with her.  We actually did have a cover on it.  The cover just protects from humans and deers from drowning in the pool obviously.  Everything else got through it.

2015-06-04 12.15.18

But have no fear… within hours the pool was a whole new color and we were starting to see the bottom.  It still has a lot of cleaning to be done, but it’s a huge improvement.

2015-06-04 15.05.45

And here’s a random picture that I found on my phone that I had to share… from the “Last Day Blast” at school where the kids had a fun last day at school playing games and having a great time.  It’s my son and his buddy in the Giant Underwear Race.  They had a pair of giant tighty whities and the kids wore them while racing back and forth. It’s hilarious!  Those poor underwear are torn to shreds by the end of the race.

2015-06-01 09.49.17


Q: Do you have a pool, and is it opened already?

We are pretty late opening ours this year!

Q: Do you, or your kids, have an end of school year tradition?

We usually go out for ice cream, but it was so cold this year we didn’t do it!