Happy Halloween Highlights!

I hope you had a great Halloween!  I started out my day with a 12 mile run.  6 were done on the treadmill because it was dark out, but then I did the other 6 miles outside.  My pace was much faster outside, but it was also painful due to stupid glute pain still 😦  Then I spent a large part of my day shopping with my daughter for clothes.  It was mostly successful, but I was exhausted with all of the walking around!

When night came, it was time for holiday fun!  My kids dressed up as a vampire and an unknown phantom.  Even though it got dark at our house shortly after trick or treating started, my son was able to wear that face cover the whole time.  Pretty cool!

2015-10-31 18.01.41

Our neighborhood is great for Halloween.  One of our neighbors was passing out Reese’s (my *favorite*) AND Jello shots!  That rocked.  And, I had no idea my Athleta shirt zipper was reflective.  Good to know!!

2015-10-31 18.53.00-1

We had quite the ghastly set up on our porch.  The fun part was the RIP tombstone was sound activated and would light up the eyes and make wailing sounds when people approached for candy.

2015-10-31 20.01.22

My kids got huge bags of candy.  Mostly because they were out for the entire 2 hours.  What a haul!  We tracked the night on our Garmin and it was 3.19 miles of walking!!

2015-10-31 21.09.04

Making candy twins is a tradition now.

2015-10-31 21.08.37

Even my kitten was exhausted after sorting through all of the candy!

2015-10-31 23.24.59

On Sunday we were quite lazy with the daylight savings time change and we watched the New York City marathon.  I cheered on the runners I knew (Go RaPearce and SoonerStef!!).  It looked like a great day to race, so I hope all had a good run.  Especially liked seeing the elites cross the finish.

After taking our first journey into beer making (more on that later), we got the family out for bike ride on a beautiful new trail we have by our house.  Perfect day for a ride!  We tricked the kids into riding 13 miles.  Hey, it’s good for them 🙂

2015-11-01 16.09.10


Q:  Did you watch (or run!) NYC marathon?

Q: Did you have a great Halloween?

Kids haul was an average of 9 1/2 pounds of candy.  Yep, they scored.

Q:  Have you ever brewed your own beer?

We have made wine, but this was our first batch of beer.


Halloween happenings, and another loooong run

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I sure did!  My work days got switched up this week so I had a 4 day weekend.  Saturday was a bit rainy, so we just hung out all day then watched Jurassic World. I love a lazy day every now and then!  The movie was really great too.  I highly recommend it!  On Sunday, we made a last trip to Cedar Point, the amusement park close to us.  They have “Halloweekends”, which is holiday themed for family fun, and also scary stuff for the big kids.

2015-10-25 18.54.33

It was a bittersweet moment for my daughter, who was technically too big to be trick or treating based on their height guidelines, but luckily they let her participate.

2015-10-25 12.02.48

It didn’t stop her from having a good time… even though the activities were a bit too little for her!  Heck, they were small for Zachary too 🙂

2015-10-25 12.16.49

We took the kids to their first haunted house.  It was WAY too intense for Sydney and she buried her head in my back the whole time.  Not a great idea, because then she really got picked on by the spookers.

2015-10-25 14.53.52-1

While the kids went on a roller coaster Alan and I got to go to another every scarier haunted house together.  It was fun, just like date night in the old days!

2015-10-25 18.27.37

NOT Alan! They do have some really great scary people working the attractions.

They had a social media game with some really good prizes.  We just had to tweet and put a picture on Instagram and we got some free passes for next year, and a “Fast Lane” pass to the new roller coaster that will open in 2016.

2015-10-25 13.35.50 2015-10-26 07.28.31

It was a beautiful Fall day at the park, and we stayed until it closed.  On a school night!  Crazy stuff 😉  But for me, Monday was a day off, so beyond dealing with slightly tired kids in the morning, it didn’t bother me one bit!  I decided I would go for a long run on my day off.  Originally it was going to be 16 miles.  No time goals, but just to get the run done.  I got to visit a new metropark that just opened near our house.  It has a beautiful trail and I saw 10 deer while I was running there!

2015-10-26 18.02.57

I took my family to check out the new trail in the evening. It is so beautiful!

It was also the first time I had to wear full tights this season.  It was chilly!!!

2015-10-26 11.26.42 HDR

By the time I got back to my house I had gone 16.5 miles, so I couldn’t stop there – I went for 18 miles.  It was downright painful in my glutes from about mile 11 though, so that was a bummer.  I could barely bend over after the run!  And when I finally stopped, I was *starving* so I made a recovery drink with bananas, milk, peanut butter, and whole lot of chocolate syrup.  Yummmm!  But too cold to hold the frosty mug…

2015-10-26 11.50.13

And to end my afternoon, I took a nap with my kitten in a big warm blanket in my sunroom.  Ahhhhh.  It was quite a lazy afternoon.  My list of chores for the day will just have to wait, because I could barely move off the couch!!  Whew.   What a great day off!


Q: Do you like haunted houses?

I do!  I haven’t been to one in a super long time, so it was a lot of fun doing that again.

Q:  What’s in your favorite recovery drink?

I didn’t even have an iced coffee after my run.  What is wrong with me??

Q:  Is it cold enough to wear tights where you live?


Columbus on the brain – 5 mins of fame

It’s almost time for another big race for me… the Columbus half marathon!  This one is big for me in general because it’s kind of where it all started.  It was my husband’s first full marathon, and mine as well.  We used to live in Columbus, so it’s also a nostalgic trip when we go there too.  It was also the scene of two pretty dang good races last year too!  My husband got his first sub 3 hr marathon, and I crushed my half marathon time!  You can read my race recap here.

We are HAPPY runners!!

I say “crushed” my PR because I am still pretty amazed that I pulled off the time that I did.  It came out of nowhere.  I’m hoping to have a repeat performance of that again in less than 2 weeks, but I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t because like I said, it was just so unbelievable for me!

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the participant newsletter from the Columbus marathon this year and I saw my own picture in it!!

columbus pr gong

Just imagine all of the Columbus runners seeing me! Yep, that’s my 5 mins of fame (in my own mind).

That’s me hitting the PR Gong.  Funny thing was that I remember the race photographer taking this picture, but I never saw it after that.  I thought maybe it would be part of my race photos, but it never surfaced… until now.

I’m guessing they used my picture because I think I was the happiest runner in the whole post-race area!  happy happy happy!!!  (I think I have exceeded my allocation of exclamation points already in this blog post so I will scale it back some now)


Anyhow, I’m still wondering a bit about my foot and how it will fare at the race.  Sure, a smarter runner would just stop running now, and wait until race day to evaluate the situation.  But, me, I’m kinda dumb about running situations and will keep training on my foot until  it really bothers me – in exchange for taking time off AFTER race season.

I did make a modification to my shoe insole that the Dr. had suggested, which was to cut out a hole underneath the inflamed area, so it gets less pressure on it.  I guess it feels OK.  It feels a little odd actually, but it doesn’t feel any worse, so I’m giving it a go. Luckily I have about 8 pairs of these  shoes so there is an ample supply of insoles to go around in case further modifications are necessary!

2015-10-06 19.46.16

And lastly, a funny video that I had to share about waiting to be accepted to Boston… so funny, and yet so true!  My favorite line: “don’t tell me there’s always next time – I worked so hard for this BQ.”  🙂



Q: Have you ever worn special insoles, orthotics, or made modifications to your insoles?

Q: If you have a favorite race, it is based on location, or previous performance results?

Q: Are you getting Fall weather where you live?

I’ve gone for some “chilly” runs, and I can’t say I’m disappointed with it yet!

Everything is going to be OK

Exciting foot news – I almost canceled the Dr. appointment that I had scheduled for my foot because the pain was pretty minor on Thursday.  But after he poked around at my foot, ouch!, it hurt the rest of the day!!  And then the most exciting thing happened… he did say that I had Sesamoiditis, just like I thought!  Sadly, that was the most exciting thing that has happened to me on Thursday!!  It was still another slightly sad day for me.

2015-10-01 10.41.46

I still have that “Boston good luck” nail polish… which apparently really isn’t a factor in the decision process at all!! 😦

I surprised my Dr. when I blurted out – “that’s exactly what I came up with in my Google search!!”  I think he was impressed with my correct diagnosis 🙂  Then he laughed at me when I told him I have a half marathon in two weeks.  Guess he didn’t know I was a determined runner.  Good news is that he said I should just take it easy, cross train when I can, take Ibuprofen, and keep wearing the PF night splint if it helps.  I should be good to go.

I took my Dr.’s orders and headed out this morning on my long run!  I pretty sure that’s exactly what he would have wanted.  I had a hard time getting out the door because it was windy and cold.  We’re talking 48 degrees.  It chilled me to the bone to think about running in that!

2015-10-02 14.31.35 HDR

But I was well rewarded in heading out to my trail by the river.  It was like a good friend just waiting for me, opening it’s arms to shelter me from the wind.  I didn’t even notice it was windy at all while I was there.

2015-10-02 08.10.30

2015-10-02 08.13.22

Funny thing about that picture, it took me a whole lot of time to get a picture that looked even that good.  I have to give kudos to all of you out there that regularly take pictures of yourself running.  That is hard!!!  Most of my shots were just random blurs of me like this…

2015-10-02 08.15.14

and this….

2015-10-02 08.48.59

I think my run was just what I needed to process the week, and you know, that disappointment of getting cut out of Boston next year.  I was trying to think if it was more disappointing/heart breaking to get cut after registration, or my three failed efforts at getting a BQ.  Final decision, equally sucky!!!

During my run I was rewarded by seeing a group of three deer walk across the trail.  That’s super cool because I typically don’t see deer here!

2015-10-02 08.59.23

Yep, that brown blob is a deer!

My run also turned out pretty great because I did negative splits on my run – 13.1 miles.  I stopped at 13 miles, but then had to start up again and finish it a 13.1 because 13 miles is just not right.  I had a lot less clothes at the end of my run!

2015-10-02 10.29.15
I was also rewarded for a run well done with a Starbucks treat on the way home.  I found out that I could get a refill before I left the store, which worked out really well because I sucked down that small size within 5 mins of receiving it.  I guess I needed to rehydrate.

2015-10-02 11.23.30

Well, that sums it all up for today.  See, everything is going to be OK after all 🙂


Q:  Coffee – hot, iced, or no thank you?

Q: If you had 13 miles on your run, would you make it 13.1?

Q: Got any good weekend plans?

It’s going to be cold, windy and rainy here.  I’m staying inside as much as I can!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!!



The waiting game

The BAA announced yesterday that for sure they would not be able to accept all runners who registered for the Boston Marathon.  They are crunching numbers and verifying finish times right now, and by Weds we’ll get to find out who made it in.  My mindset has switched from sad to disappointed, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t get in.  That lightens the blow some I guess.  But as I wait out this week, I have been finding a few things to entertain me.  Wednesday I met with some friends and we got to enjoy this awesome view on the water.  Wouldn’t that be great to see that view everyday?

2015-09-23 19.43.59

Wednesday also greeted me with the reality that a little pain in my foot on Monday was more than just a little pain.  Remember that great workout I had on Monday?  Oh, just a little too soon I guess.  And maybe not the best idea to try to keep up with the XC team.  AND, certainly not the best idea to go for a run on the pain on Tuesday, even though it was with my bestie and we haven’t run forever.  Although I very much enjoyed seeing her again and catching up with each other, it did my foot no good.  At this point, my best self diagnosis is that I have Sesamoiditis.


When I say “best” self diagnosis, that means the one that looks like it is hopeful to heal on it’s own, and won’t require surgery.  I found many other scary diagnosis that range from removing bones to “it will never go away”, so I’m putting my money on the one that I found which will heal in the shortest amount of time.  And will allow me to still run.  But, if my foot is still feeling this way next week, I will be visiting my Dr for a session of this dialog:

  • Dr:  So, have you been running marathons?
  • Me: Yes!  And now I hurt myself again.
  • Dr:  Do you still have that boot?  Put it on, and you’ll need to stop running for 6 weeks and let it heal.
  • Me:  Ouch.  That hurts more than my foot, or getting rejected for the Boston Marathon!

It’s odd because my foot will hurt annoyingly a lot when I am lying in bed in the morning, after resting it.  It feels like someone is pushing on the spot with a pencil.  A very specific pinpointed pain.  Huh.  I guess that is from stretching my toes and some swelling?  Well, if anyone knows more about this issue, please leave me a comment!

Here’s another thing I’ve been doing to occupy my time lately.  Going to the gym!  I’ve always wanted to attend my gym on a regular basis for weight lifting during my training plan, but that never seems to happen.  But now I have new health insurance that will give me $20 in “health rewards” (good towards my insurance premium) if I go to the gym at least 8 times during the month.  What?  Sounds like a challenge to me!

2015-09-24 12.50.43

I’ve got to say I’ve been doing a great job considering I just started going after the marathon (the 14th) this month and I’ve already been to the gym 6 times.  I’ll make my goal after all.  I took this stealth selfie just to prove that I was actually working out.  So sly!!!!

2015-09-24 13.22.45


Q:  Have you ever had any running injury that required something more than just “stop running and rest it?”

Q:  If given that challenge, (I mean “opportunity!”), would it be easy for you to go to the gym 8 times a month?

If the gym was the primary place I worked out it would be no problem.  Too bad I can’t just turn in my Garmin logs and show them I’ve been running!  

Q:  Got any fun plans this weekend?

We are heading out camping this weekend.  Should be beautiful weather!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Cross Country adventures

So proud!!

Today I’ll spotlight another up and coming runner in my family – my daughter!  My kids have both participated in running for many years now.  One of their first races was when she was 6 years old.


Even then we knew how to celebrate a great run!


She has also participated in Girls On The Run for several years.  She enjoys racing, but was never one to request to go out for a run with me.  So I was excited when she signed up for Cross Country.  It involves practice 5 days a week, and a meets usually once a week.  Luckily the coach makes practices fun and she has been enjoying it!  They had their first meet (an invitational, with many schools) this past week.  Mind you, Cross Country is a new area for both Alan and I.  Neither one of us knew much about it, but now we do!  Facts learned: cross country happens in the Fall.  The kids run in the grass.  They run almost 2 miles.  All of the kids start at the same time.  Everyone gets to run.

At the first meet we were blown away with the number of kids.  This meet wasn’t even one of the bigger meets in terms of the number of schools involved!  And when they started, all of the kids took off running in a big group.  Crazy! (for runners who are used to organized starting chutes!)

She finished 26th out of 137 girls in her division, which was also good enough to get her a ribbon for her performance.  I could tell she was quite proud of her efforts, and so were we.  14:44 for 3200m.  A faster pace than mine!!

As for my running, I took both of the kids out with me for my 5 mile run on Sunday.  It was super humid, but the kids did a great job and they finished it with only minor complaints 🙂  Unfortunately during the run my right shin started hurting and it was annoying by the time we were done.  I iced it right away, in hopes it will be better by tomorrow.

Blue toenails!  That can only mean one thing – psych up time for Boston Qualifying!!  I need all of the positive energy I can get.


Q:  Do you ever coordinate your nail polish to your race outfit?

I don’t really because nail polish on my hands never stays on long enough.  But my toes will also be blue to support Boston!

Q: Did you ever run cross country in school?

I can’t even remember our school having a cross country team!  That’s how far removed I was from sports in school.

Oh the pain!


As my taper starts for the Erie marathon I start to think of all of the things I could have done during this training cycle.  Should I have pushed a lot harder during that speedwork a few weeks ago?  [probably]  Should I have ran slower on my long runs and focused on endurance? [maybe]  Should I have gone to the gym twice a week to lift weights like I always say I want to?  [absolutely]


So of course my first reaction is to hit the gym.  It started out well because there was a new guy at the front desk checking people in and he complimented me on my sweater!  And then he said, “oh, or that a blazer or a vest?”  I don’t hear that every day from a guy at the gym!! 🙂

< Random side note… I got carded the other day when I was buying beer at the grocery store (yes, I’m 47…) and the guy checked my birthdate from my drivers license and said “4/20, best birthday ever!”.  Ok, who says stuff like that when they are working??  >


I know dude, it’s mind blowing.

Anyhow, back to the gym story.  I went to the gym on Tuesday and lifted very little weights.  For some reason I was starving and was a bit shaky so I just did the minimum.

Come Weds, and I’m sore!!  I know, you just can’t lift weights once a month and expect some sort of miracle.  So for my running rest day I decided to go home on my lunch hour and do some yoga to stretch out my legs.  I typically don’t have the patience for yoga, and it makes me feel like an old person because I can’t touch my toes, but I did find this which was good and helped quite a bit…

After that, I decided to find a good foam rolling instructional video, just to see if there was something I was missing.  This was the really good one that I found…

Let me tell you, that foam rolling was the bomb!!  My legs were still a bit sore from this week’s runs and this really hit the spot.  Literally.  Pain, but oh so helpful pain.  Anyone who has foam rolled knows what I’m talking about!

So there you have it, two short videos that can help you out with some sore legs, glutes and more.


Q: Do you practice yoga on a regular basis?  If so, for stretching or for centering yourself… or both?

Q: Do you foam roll on a regular basis?

I sure will do it a lot more now that I have done all of these moves!

Adventures in Traverse City & Mackinaw

2015-08-15 12.58.01

I’m interrupting my recap of Punta Cana because I got sidetracked with the pictures from the camping trip we just took!  We took a trip up North to Traverse City, Michigan, this past weekend.  The highlight included a day at Mackinac Island.  Complete with lots of fudge!  It’s a specialty of the island.  We had a sample from every fudge shop on the island – and there are at least 8 of them!  This island prohibits motorized vehicles, so transportation is horses, bikes and your feet.


On our ferry ride to the island we got to go under the Mackinac bridge (Mighty Mac!).  Very beautiful!  That thing is almost 5 miles long!!


The island is small, but oh so beautiful.  The water is crystal clear.



All around the beach people had built rock piles or towers.  They are called “cairns” and there was something very Zen about them.


We built a rock pile too! PS, I did not ask my kids to dress in matching clothes. They did that on their own. 🙂


We also rode tandem bikes.  Note to self, single speed tandem bikes are a HECK of a workout when trying to go up hills.  Thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Whew!!


And, I’ve found out that my daughter is deathly afraid of running into other cyclists, so having her as my co-biker on the tandem was a challenge because she kept slamming on the breaks as soon as she felt we were too close, or going too fast (which was often!!).  Wish you could have heard her freaking out when I took this selfie (despite her smile, which I’m convinced was only for show).


After that day of biking and walking around all day on Friday, there was no way I was moving out of the bed on Sunday morning for my scheduled 17 mile long run.  I felt like I had been run over by a train.  So, long run postponed until Sunday!  We hit the beach in Traverse City instead.


Traverse City also had a fun splash area.  It was quite refreshing!  And the water jets were so powerful it shot us off of the ground!  haha, just kidding 😉


Back at the campground that night, the kids made us these awesome “arrangements” from treasures they found on a nature hike.


Alan and I got up early on Sunday for our long run and went to the bike trail, which was right next to the campground.  Only problem was, the gate between the two was closed AND locked.  Ha, do you think a locked gate is going to stop these runners from getting the required miles done?  Hell no!  So we climbed over the fence!  The funny part was that I almost ripped my shorts (OH NO!, not my favorite Athleta shorts!!!!), and while I was trying to avoid that situation, I jumped down from a bit higher than I expected.  I landed pretty hard, but it was OK.

2015-08-16 10.03.51

Oh sure, it’s open now!

The miles were hot and sweaty and by mile 14 I was downright hating the whole thing and wanted to be done.  Luckily Alan is very forgiving and he just let me complain on and got me to the end.  Thanks honey!!

2015-08-16 08.26.34 HDR

One of the happier moments on this run. haha!

Along the way a snake slithered across the path.  Yes, Alan actually took him out of the grass and put him back on the trail so we could look at him!  We like snakes 🙂

2015-08-16 09.05.05

OMG, he’s sooooo cute!

We had a lot of other good times on our camping trip, like usual.  I love camping!  On the way home, we stopped at another amazing place – the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.  We climbed the dunes.  I know it looks flat in our picture, but trust me, it’s a whole lot of uphill!

2015-08-16 14.42.23

Did anyone bring water?

See what I mean?  The dunes actually go on for another mile, until they reach the lake shore.  I have never done that hike, but someday I will… when it’s not 85 degrees.


The best part of the dune climb is running downhill at breakneck speed.  It’s a great time!!  Surprisingly I didn’t even do a face plant on the way down (always a fear in the back of my mind).


Fast forward to Monday morning.  I got out of bed for my morning run, and I felt it.  A pain near the shin of my right leg.  Yep, the same leg that I landed hard on when jumping that fence.  Ugh.  I panicked!  I sunk back in bed and wondered if I had a stress fracture!  My mind was racing.  Finally I decided I wasn’t going back to sleep at this point and if I had fractured something, I probably would have felt it yesterday.   I ended up running a slow, cautious 3 miles on the treadmill in slight pain and I iced it at work.

Tuesday morning was a slight repeat of Monday, with a similar, but less, pain in the shin again.  I decided it was only a strain of some sort, but was still a little freaked because I could not pass the “hop test” on that leg.  Still, not thinking it’s anything, ran 10 miles on the treadmill.

Come Weds it’s feeling about 90% better so I’m pretty well convinced it’s something that some rest will help it, and luckily Thurs is a rest day.  I’m getting ready for my last 20 mile run on Friday.  Heck, then it’s all downhill from there until Erie marathon!!  Hopefully my next post will be the rest of my Punta Cana pictures.


Q:  Do you enjoy riding on tandem bikes?

My son was awesome at being my partner on the tandem bike.  I guess you just need to find a rider who is in sync with you!!

Q:  Have you ever had to break the law to run??

What, me?  Never.

Q:  Have you ever had a stress fracture?

B-day recap and holiday weekend

What, Thursday already?  Seems I’ve lost quite a few days since my last post.  Post race weekend was spend gearing up for my son’s birthday celebrations.  Here’s a few pics to recap what happened for the big 10 year party-fest…


Birthday boy and friends had a great time at SkyZone!  They didn’t stop the whole 90 mins, and were a sweaty group of tweens when the event was over.

2015-06-26 20.02.31 2015-06-26 19.42.04

2015-06-26 19.35.13-1

The girls had fun too!

Enjoyed the Minecraft cake.  It was so delicious, and it turned out really good!  The cake was dark chocolate, with mostly dark chocolate frosting (some buttercream tinted frosting for the grass and between the layers).

img_1640 img_1648

Then they decided it was a great thing to go swimming in the dark, in the rain, in a 72 degree pool!  Luckily I got to watch from the sunroom and didn’t need to get wet 🙂

2015-06-26 21.04.41

They played video games until midnight, and feel asleep around 1am I think.  I was a zombie by that time and had gone to bed already.  Luckily they woke up bright and early at 7am (what???) and I got them some donuts, to sugar them all up so I could send them home to their parents, under-slept and over-sugared!  Party success!!!!!

2015-06-27 00.14.51

Then came the big storm.  It started out with some high winds, and then brought a whole day of rain.  I think we had 5 inches of rain.  Non stop, all day long, rain rain rain.  We didn’t have any flooding problems at our house, but many basements got flooded.  Our issue was the wet ground and the wind.  We lost a lot of landscaping.  First, the big tree in our front yard fell over.  Granted, this tree had fallen over a few years ago and we strapped it up, and just recently took the straps off.  Guess it never got it’s strength back!

2015-06-27 18.34.30 HDR

Then we noticed a small ornamental tree was now leaning over too!  We strapped that one in place and hopefully it will come back strong.  The worst damage was to these bushes that formed a really nice privacy fence between the neighbor’s house.  We have a pool so we like our yard to be a little sheltered.  Those bushes were 11 years old!  No more.  Had to pull those out.  Hello neighbor!!

2015-06-28 15.59.29

In my quest to help get the yard back in shape, I grabbed a hand saw and started cutting down some super weeds that were taller than bushes.  I was sawing along and had the blade going the “unsafe” direction when the saw blade came out of the plant and smacked me super hard in the knee!  OUCH!  Not only was I bleeding like I was dying, it also hurt like a #@$$%$##$.  After I cleaned up the blood, which was actually no big deal other than making little bloody puddles as I walked through the garage, I spent the rest of the weekend with my knee iced.  It was quite painful and swollen.  Didn’t I learn a few weeks ago, “avoid yard work”?  ugh.

2015-06-28 16.36.59

I did lose a day of running because it hurt to bend my knee, but after it improved I got a really great run in this week.  It was a speedwork workout of 10 miles with 8 at half marathon pace.  I nailed it!

2015-06-30 07.25.07 HDR

I had a fun smirk in this picture because I thought it was funny that my next door neighbor got their house toilet papered!!  Does that mean someone likes them, or dislikes them?  I’m not sure, but it’s funny none the less.  Funny that it wasn’t my house mostly.

This week’s running recap (and pre-cap?):

  • Mon – 8 miles (Alan joined me!!  He probably shouldn’t have, his ankle hurt!)
  • Tues – 10 miles, w/ 8 at HMP  (Booyah!!)
  • Weds – rest!
  • Thurs – 9 miles
  • Fri – 20 miles  (why, oh why, does my 20 miler always happen on July 4th weekend?)
  • Sat – Rest!!!  ice cream, fireworks, etc.
  • Sun – 5 miles
  • Total = 52 miles.  Whew!

And lastly, here’s what I find on my iPhone camera roll when the kids get a hold of it…

2015-06-28 17.10.03 HDR

My son has purple lips because the pool is so cold!!

We are planning a long camping weekend for the 4th of July.  Hope you are going to enjoy the holiday too!  I also need to give a shout out to my husband Alan, who is a bit down in the dumps right now because his ankle is still hurting after his race.  😦  As we probably all know, injuries suck and can be a big bummer.  Send some positive thoughts his way to help him get recovered soon, and find something else to do while he can’t run!!  🙂


Q:  Confession time… have you ever toilet papered someone’s house?

A:  I vaguely remember doing it once back in junior high.  Peer pressure I’m sure!

Q:  Are you afraid of blood?  Your own, or someone else’s?

A:  I do pretty good with it.  I think when you have kids you have to be brave about it!

Q:  Any 4th of July holiday plans??

Why my husband needs to become a sports Dr.

So now that my husband has left the corporate life of computer programming, I think he needs to start a second chapter in life as a sports Dr.  Why?  So he can diagnose my never ending string of issues I’ve been having!!  This is assuming that a sports Dr. is also trained as a full Dr. and can help me with the other non-sports related issues.


LOL! Sometimes I crack myself up!!!

Let’s recap my year thus far…

  • 4/20/15 – Trained for Boston 2015, had weird “top of foot pain” (fixed by lacing shoes differently), and knee pain (still occasionally bothersome, but steroid shot seems to have calmed this down).
  • 4/23/15 – Had stomach flu.  Thought I would die from it.  Luckily, only lasted a day or so.
  • 5/1/15 – Had oral surgery.  Spent 3 weeks in the most pain of my life.  Well, maybe my c-sections were worse, but I was a sleep deprived zombie with a beautiful baby, so it all worked out.
  • 5/26/15 – Developed rashes (plural!!) from poison ivy.  Still struggling with this issue.
  • 6/15/15 – Caught a cold.  Got clogged nose and sore throat.
  • 6/16/15 – Woke up with unexplained sore feet.

That brings us to today.  My clothes were all ready for me to get outside and run 8 miles.  No big deal.  But when I woke around 5am and got up to use the bathroom, I noticed that the pain which was on the right foot the night before, was now back on both feet!!  Thinking it probably wasn’t the best idea to run with this pain, I turned my early morning alarm off.

2015-06-18 07.55.08

What a shame these went unused… I even matched today!!

Here’s the things I could have (and should have) done when my early alarm went off:

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Clean up my office
  • Lift weights
  • Do abs and strength exercises

Here’s what I did:

  • Turn off alarm and sleep in
  • Felt like a lazy blob
  • Had crazy dreams that I had some major medical problem that would plague me for life
  • Woke up with arms that had fallen asleep and were numb, thus perpetuating dreams of major medical problem
  • Felt sorry for myself
  • Started my day with anger and disappointment

When I eventually got out of bed another thought it me – it was something Alan mentioned to me the other day – “maybe it’s plantar fasciitis?”  This idea scared me.  I did some research and the one thing I found in common was the pain getting worse while I slept.  But the location of the pain on my foot seems inconsistent with the other symptoms.

I found this graphic which was I had to bleep out the word because it was just too “R” for my PG blog 🙂  But it does illustrate my feelings.  I highlighted the area I am having problems with…

foot copy


image from here

Another condition I ran across a lot was Peroneal Tendonitis.  From this picture, the pain is definitely more on the peroneal tendon side than the plantar facsica side.


I thought the website was a good source of information about the condition, although I just skimmed through it and saw “rest”, “ice”, “pain meds”, which is pretty common for any overuse running injury.

If you made it this far in my post give yourself a high-five!  Thanks for listening to my rant and I’ll try to do better to be more upbeat in the future, but this morning was a real bummer for me.  Time to refocus and get a grip on reality… even though this is the biggest thing in my world right now, there are far worse things going on.  Great things going on..

  • It’s Thursday, so it’s officially the start to my weekend!
  • Heading out camping tomorrow – fun family time!
  • Supporting Alan on his big race!  He’s going to do great, I just know it!

Finally, while editing that picture above (what, you thought that was a real Dr. picture??), I used this picture which technically is a TBT picture from 4 years ago at one of the early 5K’s for my kids.  Awwww, look at my kids!  Look at the matching outfits!  Look at our old school Asics shoes!!  (obviously before I was obsessed with colorful running shoes).  Both of the kids have cut 10 mins off their 5K times since this picture was taken.  Nice!!




Q:  Any thoughts on the issues with my feet??

Q:  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Q:  5K race times… remember your first and your fastest?

My first was right around 30 mins and now I can run 24:57 mins.

Q: Any predictions on what Alan’s finish time will be for the 100 mile trail race?

I’m guessing it will be around 26 hours.  Give or take a few hours 🙂