Gum Surgery

Things I’m loving today…

This is it folks….

2015-05-20 08.03.02

You would never believe how much I have missed a big bowl of cereal with cold milk for the last 2 weeks!!  Paired very nicely with a gossip magazine this morning.  It’s amazing how much you miss the simple things that are taken for granted.  Nothing better than cereal in the morning, other than working up a sweat running and a big cup of iced coffee as a post running treat!

My “very loose” training plan said 8 miles with strides for the last 2 miles.  Early on I once again realized I did not budget enough time for the full 8 miles so it ended up being 7.09 miles in my allotted time (I had to make the kid’s lunches for school, go to work, etc).  I did the last two miles of strides, but I’m not pushing hard or expecting anything awesome at this point.  My “very loose” training plan is for me to feel out the waters and see if the Erie Marathon is in my future on Sept 13th.  While it’s true that I have already booked a room for it (totally refundable!!), I haven’t registered for the race yet.  My gum surgery has caused a delay in my training and it would leave me with an almost 16 week training plan instead of my typical 18 week plan.  Totally do-able, but now this morning I am also dealing with an odd, and sharp, pain in my hip.  I will call that “old lady hip”, because I have no idea what would be causing it (good God, I am falling apart!).  That issue started yesterday afternoon and didn’t improve much today.  Good thing it’s a rest day tomorrow!


Here are some other awesome things I am loving today…. that Mother’s Day gift I was promised by Alan!  He built it this weekend, and we put it in place on Sunday.

2015-05-19 18.42.28 HDR
Then we bought outrageous amounts of soil to fill it up.  Alan even trusted me to drive the new truck!  Well, he really didn’t trust me, but I PROMISED him I would cause it no harm.  The kids loved helping out.

2015-05-19 20.01.21 HDR

Sydney and I planted, and voila, it’s done!

2015-05-19 20.26.42

We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, basil and some watermelon just for fun.  I made several “first time gardener” mistakes I’m sure – like planting way too many plants.  Also, the cucumbers suggested planting those on trellis for “straight cucumbers” (should have read the tags when I bought them!).  Also, I’m sure the zucchini and watermelon will take over the whole garden, and I bought too many varieties of tomatoes, but it’s all good and it will be a fun learning experience for all of us.  Now we just need to wait 40 or so days for the first veggie to appear!  sigh.


Q:  What are your favorite veggies to plant in a garden?  Or if you don’t have one, what would it be?

Q: Would you miss eating cold cereal?

I can’t wait to eat Special K again!!  I’ve waiting for a little more healing for that to happen.


Keeping my head above the waves

Sometimes it just feels like life is an ocean and the waves are lapping over you, right?  Oh, or is that just me 🙂  With the blur of the garage sale over, now it’s time to clean up the aftermath.  Clean the house, which hasn’t been cleaned forever due to energy spent on sale, mouth, and sickness.  Box up the leftovers – keep or donate?  Pack away the signs, tables, markers, tape and everything else that migrated to my garage!  The good part is that this will all be taken care of in the next few days if I put my mind to it.

Fun thing that happened this weekend… my daughter is practically a woman now…. we taught her how to mow the yard!!  She was actually quite interested in learning after she realized that her brother is too little to do it.  Sibling rivalry at it’s best.  She declared it was “really hard”, but she did finish the front yard – despite the super humid weather and warm temps.  Her face was red for hours afterwards!!

2015-05-17 18.10.36 HDR

That humidity was a killer Sunday morning on my run.  I ran 6 miles around the hood.  I was shocked how easy I did my first 6 miler Saturday, thinking I would be exhausted after 1 mile, and shocked today on how hard this run was!!  I was sore and the humidity was dragging me down.  Around 3 miles it turned into “oh, I’ll just walk a little until I get to the next driveway”.  That happened more than once this morning!  Still, it was good to be outside and running.

2015-05-17 08.04.48 HDR

Resting after my very exhausting run!!

Slightly bad news – mouth is feeling almost all better, but part of my graft fell off 😦  Now I’ve got a spot that is looking quite naked.  Uh oh.  It doesn’t hurt, but it sure isn’t pretty.  I’m going to the Dr. tomorrow to get it checked out and see what needs to be done about it, if anything.  I honestly don’t know what they do about that.  But I know for sure I really don’t want them digging in my mouth for more “donor” tissue again!  Owwwwww!  I’m hoping they have some “press-on gums” that they can apply to it for a touch up.  LOL!

I took a day off from running today because I’m really feeling it from the big 2 days of running this past week.  Most noticeable is the soreness in my calves.  Sore calves are one of the “side effects” of transitioning into Newton shoes.

2015-05-18 09.26.34

From Newton’s website here.

I really didn’t think 2 weeks off running would affect my calves that much, but I was running a lot more in my Asics Nimbus shoes for Boston training, so I guess that’s why.

2015-05-18 06.41.00

I am loving the mirrors located in the “workout room” now.  I’m so happy I found them!!  I got up early and did a little bit of weights this morning.  My old Asics shoes were so excited to be getting out of my closet!  (what, your shoes don’t get excited to workout??)  They are GT-2150’s, which are as old as dirt and felt like bricks on my feet.  It’s no wonder they don’t get to run with me anymore!

2015-05-18 06.12.50

It’s a work in process!


Q: Mowing the grass – child labor, or paid help?

We are debating if the kids should get paid to mow the grass.  I don’t remember getting paid when I was a kid!

Q: Do you prefer the cold winter runs (sub freezing!) or humid summer runs?


Garage-sale-palooza and I’m baaaaaack!

First, the big  exciting news…. I ran this morning!!!  That 14 day estimate for my mouth recovery was right on, and even though I am still aware of the dental work in my mouth, the pain is maybe a 2 on a 10 scale.  HUGE improvement in my life for sure!


I started out running on the treadmill for 3 miles, and then I saw it was pretty good weather outside so I ran 3.5 miles outside.  It was pretty great to be running again!  While I was running around our neighborhood I found a great freebie by someone’s driveway.  Since we are having that neighborhood sale, people will sometimes leave items out that they don’t need anymore.  I thought these would be perfect for the future workout area when our basement gets finished.

2015-05-16 08.31.22

The day was spent hanging out in the garage again with my bestie Jennifer.  We combine our stuff every year and come up with an overloaded sale.  This year was no exception.  We had a ton of girls clothes, some boy clothes, and tools and housewares.  We usually end up having a few big ticket items, but not this year.  So, instead of a combined sale of around $1,100 (I know, crazy right??) we had around $980.  I’m surprised we got that much – it didn’t seem like we did that much in sales.  One year we sold old appliances and the total sales were $1,800.  Worth it to hang out in the garage 🙂

2015-05-15 20.36.25

Thursday night is supposed to be a neighborhood “preview” night, but we get a lot of “outsiders” looking for early deals.  Thursday night was crazy because we were still unpacking the items on to the tables and people were buying stuff!  Friday morning was rainy, which was bad because we needed to put some of the tables outside because our garage was too full!  But that didn’t stop the shoppers.  It was a busy day.  Today’s sale was quite a bit slower and didn’t start until a few hours later because everyone was still shopping at the entrance to the neighborhood.

We did find some great deals around the ‘hood.  Some clothes, backpack, sleds (broke ours last season), and this captivating book…

2015-05-14 20.26.22

After the sale it was time for the last soccer game of the season.  A good game, but they lost.  Afterwards we celebrated by a trip to the ice cream stand.  Yeah, I can eat ice cream with minimal discomfort!!  happy happy day!

2015-05-16 15.14.29

Notice anything odd about this picture?  Look on the left…. someone took their horses on the bike trail!  That was quite interesting.

2015-05-16 15.11.05

Then it was time for the band concert / bbq chicken dinner (aka, fund raiser).  We had some delicious chicken and a great selection of desserts.  Yum!

2015-05-16 17.08.05

Forgot to mention… all this day my husband was out running that 50 mile training run he didn’t get to do last weekend.  It was humid, and tough, but he finished it in 10 hrs, 46 mins.  Awesome job Alan!!  Long long run, long long day!


Q: Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

Looking forward to relaxing on Sunday and spending time with Alan!

Q: Have you ever found any good freebies that someone has put out?

Q: Do you prefer pancakes or cinnamon rolls for breakfast?

Just wondering what I should make tomorrow 🙂

The cookie incident, and a lot of “stuff”

Showing off the bling!  2nd place and 5th place ribbons 🙂

2015-05-13 18.22.03

I’ve got a confession… I can’t make cookies.  I mean, those “easy” kind that they make commercials about showing a mom and her kids bonding over a big batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I can make Christmas cutout cookies, and cookies that are shaped into balls, but beyond that, it’s a losing proposition.

Case in point: I got an adorable, and delicious smelling, Mother’s Day gift from Sydney.  It was a one of those dry mix containers where you only add eggs and butter kind of thing.  So yummy!

2015-05-10 20.45.44

Well, I followed the instructions just like it said – I swear!  Sydney and I worked together and put them all on the baking sheets and into the oven.. and approximately 10 – 12 mins later (as instructed), I got these flat looking, sadly under baked cookies which stuck to the pan.  Zachary called it #EpicFail.

2015-05-11 18.53.36

I scraped them off the pan and put them in a Tupperware container and we now eat them by spoonfuls.   What’s up with that?  Even at school we sell frozen cookie dough as a fund raiser and I have yet to product a decent looking cookie from those either!   Those should really be a no-brainer so I don’t know what is wrong with me. My oven is only a few years old and I have never been able to make cookies, so maybe I’m just cursed like that.

This week’s confession is also that I have not been “cooking” and making my family eat soft boring food along with me.  You know, hot dogs and mac & cheese.  Not that I don’t like that kind of food, but it’s really not scoring any big points on the nutritional score board.

I’m also elbow deep and knee deep in organizing for our garage sale.  My dear friend and I exchange kids clothes because we have kids the same age, but opposite sexes.  That has worked out great for the last 11 years and really saves on the clothes purchasing.  However, at the end of the season I need to sort out which belong to her and which are mine.  I see the clothes so often I have a hard time figuring out which ones I actually purchased!  Luckily I take picture of them all when I receive the clothes from her so that’s how I keep it straight.

2015-05-11 22.04.04

In addition to kid’s clothes we have lots of other miscellaneous items that need to be arranged in the garage and priced.  It’s a time consuming task!  Fingers crossed for good weather on garage sale days this week: Friday & Saturday!  Treasures galore for the thrifty bargain shoppers 🙂

2015-05-13 21.16.08


Q:  Do you bake cookies?  What’s the secret??

I did take a cake decorating class so I feel cakes are my strong suit.  Cookies are just a thorn in my side!

Q: Which cookies are your favorite?

Anything with chocolate is always a hit with me!


Mother’s Day brunch

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!  We went to visit my Mom, and take her some flowers,  and also decided to bring brunch along.  We ate most of everything before I remembered to take a picture, but I did catch one piece of quiche.  The cinnamon streusel muffins were gone way too fast for photos.

2015-05-09 10.14.35

While at my Mom and Dad’s house the kids were being kids and having a great time playing with a box.  They crack me up!!

2015-05-09 10.14.41

Then they had to try out the new kitty “play area” which will taken on camping trips with my parents.  The cat was less than happy to play with the kids, but they had a good time playing with her stuff instead.  My parents just bought a new RV so I’m sure they will be enjoying that a lot in the near future.

2015-05-09 11.31.34

And finally, a selfie with Mom!

2015-05-09 11.37.45

My mouth is feeling “eh” again today.  Only 1 sharp pain issue, so I guess that is an improvement, albeit a little improvement.  Fingers crossed for better feeling on Sunday!  Also hoping my husband is feeling better.  He came down with a sinus infection/cold of some sort and had to cancel his big run that he’d been planning today.  He was going to do his longest run for his training plan, a 50 mile run at the park near us.  As you can imagine, it was going to take a long time.  That will have to wait until next weekend when he’s feeling much better.

I hope everyone is having a great Mother’s Day, and all of you Mom’s out there are taking it easy 🙂


Q: Do you go camping?

Q:  Do you live close to your parents?

We live 30 mins away from my parents.

Q: What’s on your Mother’s Day agenda?


Breaking a sweat (barely) and a trip to the Dr.

I exercised two days this week!  Wow!!  I know, so much for that super running I *used* to do, but hey, given the circumstances this was quite impressive.  I was going to go to gym on Weds and ride the bikes, but the kids had a fog delay for school so I took advantage of an extra hour and walked on my treadmill.  Funny how it takes forever when you walk!  But I got a solid 5K done… in 50 mins.  While I did that I read a book that I heard about called “Strong Curves“.  It’s a glutes intensive training plan.  I thought I would give it a try for a couple of weeks when I am able to do some more physical exercises.  That is an area I could really use some strength training!

2015-05-06 07.44.43

Then I did an ab workout.  I thought the blue sky of my sunroom really made my shoes pop!! 🙂

2015-05-06 08.25.28

My next adventure in exercising was this morning.  I went for a long bike ride.  I think of biking as half the work as running, so I biked 21 miles because I would have liked to run 10 miles today.  Even though I have an old hybrid bike, I do enjoy biking and think “geez, this is so easy!  I just covered 20 miles no problem.”  Then I feel kind of silly for running.  So much easier to bike!!  Then I start to have visions of me competing in triathlons!  I know, I’m all over the place.  Some day I would like to “try a tri”.  The only thing stopping me is the lack of a seriously competitive bike, and being very unsure about the swimming part.  I mean, eww, swimming in open water?  Not sure I’m cut out for that.

2015-05-08 08.41.25

I planned very well for this bike ride because I took along a string bag.  By the end of my bike ride my bag was full!  I stopped back over to that neighborhood garage sale and found some treasures.  One lady told me that I looked like a person “who runs marathons” and “is fit”.  I’m guessing my neon half marathon shirt had something to do with it, but even so I told her my Boston marathon story – because I’m certain everyone loves to hear about that!

2015-05-08 11.16.43 HDR

I even stopped at the mall on my bike ride.  I was being very environmentally conscious today.  Next stop was back to the periodontist.  I’ve been having an issue with the incision in my mouth – known as the “donor site”.  It hurts like #%@^& at certain times of the day.  Randomly it will hurt so bad I have to stop and just clench my fists.  It did it again three times today.  The first time was when I was at the turnaround spot on my bike ride!  So there I am 10 miles from my house on my bike, with tears in my eyes not knowing how long the pain was going to last and wishing I had brought along some pills with me.  Not a good situation.

Such a lovely view.  Maybe to take your mind off the pain in your mouth…

2015-05-08 13.15.15

The Dr thought the incision looked OK, but gave me a prescription for an antibiotic just in case.  And then he decided to take out the stitches.  Oh my.  The first one was no problem.  The second and third hurt so bad I wanted to punch him in the face.  The last one was a lot better.  Until he pressed on the area with his finger.  REALLY???  Did he really have to do that????  By the time I left there I was once again teary eyed.

The last time I got the wave of pain I was at the grocery store with my kids getting my prescription filled.  I just stood there in the dairy isle like a zombie wishing my head would just explode and end the pain.  Ironically it put the kids on their best behavior and they stopped touching every box of food in the store.  Good kids!

Here’s hoping my meds will clear up whatever issue I’m having (or not having) and time will heal all wounds!


Q:  If you have kids, do you take them grocery shopping with you?  Are they helpers?

If you take my kids individually they are great helpers.  Together they run the cart into each other’s feet.

Q: Do you own a bike?  If so, mountain, racing, or a hybrid kinda cruiser?

Q: Do you ever read books on the treadmill?


Crazy season and 50 shades of…

… my face!  My latest, and final color was pretty yellow.  And by “pretty” I mean, “intense”!  I even had some BB cream on it, but that didn’t quite give me that even complexion that the bottle promised.  This was Weds..

2015-05-06 10.35.53

Good news is that the yellow is fading away.  And it’s Thursday, so woohoo to that!

My boss and co-workers took me out for a belated birthday lunch.  The restaurant I picked out is really a local bar & pub kinda place, because I had visions of big juicy burgers when I scheduled it.  But due to that dang gum surgery I chose mac & cheese and a big plate of cheesy fries for lunch instead.  It’s all good because a free lunch is a free lunch!  (or is there no such thing as a free lunch…)


Tonight starts the official crazy season around this part of the state called “garage sale season”.  I went to a rummage sale this past week and found an end table.  Technically I think it was a night stand, but with some crafty refinishing it will find a home in my sunroom and I won’t have to worry about the kids knocking over my drink that was sitting on the floor!

2015-05-05 12.21.11

A big neighborhood had a “preview” night for their sales and we went to that.  It was a big deal – lots of cars there.  We got just a few treasures.  I bought an Aeropostale hoodie for my daughter so my son begged me to buy this cow pillow pet.  I caved in.  $2 = happy kids & “best mom ever” award.

2015-05-07 19.15.08

We are having our neighborhood garage sale May 15 & 16 so I’m gearing up for that.  No surprise here – but I’m the organizer of it.  We have 44 houses signed up, and more stragglers trickle in each day.  We usually end up with 50 houses signed up.  It’s also a freaking madhouse.  But fun.  Oh so fun!  I love to find treasures at garage sales!  The kids are given a few dollars and the spend the whole morning buying the neighbor’s junk and bringing it back to our house… to be sold in our sale next year.  But for a few days or months, that junk is the biggest treasure to them.  And that’s what matters. 🙂


Q:  Any bargain hunters out there?  Garage sales or thrift store?

A: Garage sale shopping is my hobby in the summer.  I’ve bought tons of kids clothes & toys at garage sales.

Q: Do you ever have garage sales at your house?

Q: Have you ever refinished wood furniture?

A: I have stained furniture before, but this will be a challenging project which I am looking forward to!

Break in training cycles

I had a good  laugh yesterday at the website  Sadly I wasn’t happy with any of my ages until they started with a “3”.  That’s a bit crazy, but still, I don’t want to be told I only look 2 years younger than I am!!  I thought this was acceptable…

2015-05-04 21.27.06

But I really was liking this one!  haha!  (Remember that one from the group run last week?)

2015-05-04 23.01.56

Now it’s been almost a week since I ran last.  Seems like forever though!  I’m already looking forward to the day I get out and run.  I think I might to give it a try on Friday because the weather should be beautiful!  If not, it could be just a long walk.

I can feel the break helping me already.  I don’t feel any knee pain right now, and my legs aren’t sore.  A few years ago I ran another marathon just 5 weeks after an unsuccessful BQ attempt.  It ended up being an unseasonably hot day, so half way through the race we just accepted the inevitable and walked a lot of the last half.  What was odd about that race was at the end we went to the beer garden… NO, that’s not the weird part… the weird part was after I sat on the ground, with my legs crossed, when I got up, my foot hurt.  It didn’t hurt during the race at all, but I was hobbling back to the car.

It hurt for a few weeks after that and was swollen.  Finally I sucked it up and had the Dr check it out.  Surprisingly it was a stress fracture in my heel!  I spent most of the summer in a boot.  FYI, those boots are sweaty in the summer!!  (tip: we got some awesome parking spots on our trip to Disney thanks to that boot, so it wasn’t all bad!!)


Me and my boot enjoying a camping weekend

As much as it sucked, I came back stronger than ever for the following races.  There is definitely a physical and mental aspect to it.  Giving your body a rest after a race is just as important as the rest days built in to every training plan.  Allowing your muscles to recover lets you give it your all on your next hard effort.

Here’s what Greg McMillian had to say about it…  (article from Runner’s World)

One of the things I’m going to be working on is putting together a photobook about our Boston trip.  I’ve made a couple for my husband on his Boston races, now it’s time for my own!  Hmmm, I think my scale is in agreement with this one…

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.28.29 PM

Hopefully I won’t be adding 15 pounds in a week or two, but maybe a couple pounds I’m sure.

Update on the dental surgery… now my bruise is turning yellow!!  Oh my!  The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but still isn’t back to it’s normal size.  And, I’m down to only 1 ibuprofen, instead of 3.  Yahoo!

2015-05-05 19.40.30


Q:  Do you routinely take a break from running after a longer race?

Q:  Are you training for any races right now?

Q:  Do you make photobooks (from Shutterfly, etc), paper scrapbooker, or just leave your pictures all digital on your computer?

A: I love making photobooks, and make several of them a year.


Sleep… where are you? and some final Boston thoughts

As I’m typing this, it’s 3:00 am.  I am not a night owl by any means, so to be up this late means something has gone wrong in my day.  I had gum surgery today, and although it turned out fine so far, any time the pain meds wear off I am feeling the pain.  Big time.  I couldn’t even keep my eyes open around 10:30 last night when I went to bed, but I woke up at 1:00am feeling like a brick had hit me in the face.  Knowing I could not take any more ibuprofen, I searched out some Tylenol.  Luckily I found some, and trying to read the tiny print on the bottle by the dimmed shower light was my next challenge.  Mission accomplished and, combined with an ice pack on my face, I finally got some relief.  However, that was 2 hours ago and I still can’t get back to sleep.

So I’m taking to my blog to clear up my mind and maybe, just maybe, I can fall back to sleep.

I was happy that I was feeling good enough to attend the Family Fun night at my son’s school.  Since he’s a 4th grader, this will be his last year at the school and I’m trying to make sure I get to all of the events.

2015-05-01 19.19.17

They had fun carnival games inside, and bunch of inflatables outside.  A good time was had by all!

I wanted to give one last focus on my Boston race.  Looking at things I did well and what I could do to improve my performance next time.


Things that went well:

1) Fueling!  This was by far the best thing that happened during this race.  I was so concerned with the race starting late and that I would end up really hungry while I was running.  In fact, this was not an issue at all!  I ate quite a bit of food prior to the race (bananas, oatmeal, bagels, granola bar).  During the race I had 4 GUs.  I think I took them at miles 6, 12, 17 and 21.  Even though I wasn’t hungry, I took them anyways.  That’s the key, fuel BEFORE you are hungry!  I think this is the first race when I didn’t cross the finish line with a growling stomach.  Another thing that I did was to turn off the “clock” screen on my Garmin.  I didn’t need to know, or obsess, that it was 1pm and I was still running!


2) Race outfit – I’m not talking about the fashion level of my outfit, although you have to admit, that open area in the back of the shirt is pretty cool!  I’m talking about the functionality of the clothes.  Everything was comfortable, and kept me warm enough in the weather conditions.  If I had access to all of my clothes before the race I still don’t think I would have picked something else out because what I had on really worked.  I think I would have been way too warm in some sort of rainproof jacket.  And those capris – I had only wore them one time prior to the race, so kudos to C9 for making such an awesome, affordable,  and functional piece of workout gear!  This is the pair I got:  C9 Running Knee Legging  They are actually quite light weight and I think will be good in warm weather too.


3) Attitude –  I think I did a pretty good job at keeping a positive attitude during the race despite the crappy weather.  I didn’t run the race in the time I had hoped for.  That is always a bummer when you have a vision of what race day is going to be, but then starts to take a turn for the worse.  I really thought a sub 4 hrs would be easy to do, given my past races that came in at 4 hours.  Even half way through the race I was thinking I might BQ or even PR!  But, when the course got really challenging, I just focused on enjoying the crowds and appreciating that this race was the end result of my hard work, not a showcase of my abilities.  I’m proud of my effort, and for pushing through it when it got tough.

Some things to work on…

1) Smarter pacing?  Well, this is a tough one.  I’m not quite sure if I need to change my plan.  I know I was supposed to “hold back” on the first part of the course, but honestly, I’m not much of an “end game” kind of marathoner, so whenI hit the 18 mile mark, chances are I wouldn’t have felt “energized” unless I had been walking the earlier part of the course!  No way I’m going sub 4 hours with that much walking involved!

2) Strength Training – Yes indeed.  I can definitely improve in this area.  I could barely move my legs at the end of this race and I think doing more leg exercises (hip flexor strength) could have helped me out.  Also, focus on strong glutes/hips.

3) More hill training – Now I know what to expect from Boston.  Those hills are killer!  I’m sure anyone’s running could improve from more hill training.  Mine especially!


Q:  Are you a good sleeper?

Q:  Night owl or early bird?

Q:  Favorite pre-race foods?