URD, achy feet – itchies – and 100 miles

Here’s my “awwwwww” moment of the day… I had a slight traffic delay when driving home from work last night.  There was a little parade in my neighborhood.

2015-06-16 17.09.36 HDR 2015-06-16 17.09.38 2015-06-16 17.09.48

On Tuesday I ended up taking an URD – Unscheduled Rest Day due to a sore throat which appeared overnight (literally – woke up with a very sore throat in the middle of the night).  But what was even more odd was that by the end of the day on Tuesday, I could barely walk.  My feet were super sore for some unknown reason.  It was the bottom outsides of my feet, across from my arches and a little bit of my heels.  I really had no reason for this pain but I was wincing with every step before bed.  WTH??   Luckily it was feeling about 90% better when I woke up so I hit the treadmill to get Tuesday’s 8 miler done.  Hoping it goes away by the evening and doesn’t get worse again!!

I did have a small breakthrough in my rash this morning – last night was the first time that I can remember in 3 weeks that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night scratching madly!!  I take Benadryl before I go to bed and maybe it wears off, or it just doesn’t work.  Either way, the bumps are still there and areas of my body still have a rash – which surprisingly doesn’t even look anything like poison ivy to me, just a bunch of bumps – which begs me to scratch at it.  And most times I oblige, well, just because it feels so darn good to itch it!!  I know.  My bad.  Who would have thought this darn rash was going to be a month long affair!

2015-06-17 07.48.37

Ewww, didn’t I promise I wouldn’t show any more pictures of rashes? Sorry, couldn’t help it.

For two nights now I have been putting a paste of baking soda with water on it and I really believe it helped a lot.  The areas looked improved.  So much so that I canceled the appointment I had with my Dr. on Tuesday.  I hate to spend the $$ on a Dr. visit to show him something that may be clearing up.

2015-06-15 20.08.51

Yes, it’s really attractive!!

Preparation for Alan’s upcoming 100 mile trail race at Mohican has arrived, so we took a trip to the running store to get some gear.  You know – never wear anything in a race that you haven’t run with before.  Well, we laugh at that wisdom!  Alan bought a new hand held water bottle, which will fit his iPhone better, and a new water belt because he’s thinking he might not want to wear his hydration vest the whole time.  Better to have options!  Alan said this was his Father’s Day present.  That works for me 🙂

2015-06-17 07.42.00

We also found these awesome shoes for Zachary in the kids sale section.  My baby is wearing PureFlow!!  I’ve never worn Brooks, but these seem pretty awesome so I’m glad we found something that fit him… and did I mention we scored them for $35!!  Deal.

2015-06-17 08.05.59

This morning’s run did end up going well.  My feet were a little sore when I started, so I took a collection of shoes with me not knowing which pair would feel best.  I quickly realized that the Newtons were the winners as they kept me running on my forefoot instead of mid foot.  I’m sold, their technology does work!

2015-06-17 07.22.03

8 miles done.  Last 2 miles were .1 strides, starting at 7.8 (7:42 pace) going to 8.8 (6:49 pace).  It’s going to be a great day!!


Q:  Do you wear different shoes for everyday runs vs speedwork?

This training cycle have been mostly Newtons.  But I did wear my Mizuno Elixir’s for that race on Saturday, maybe that caused the foot pain??  hmmmmmm

Q: Do you use baking soda for more than baking?

I do use it in the pool, and occasionally for cleaning.  It sure has a long list of uses!

Q:  What are you looking forward to this week?

I’m really looking forward to our camping trip to Mohican and to cheer Alan on!


8 miles of goodness, and my new space

I think today’s workout was the hardest one on my schedule until Boston.  Which made me look forward to it even more!  It’s funny how exhausted running can make you (especially when you wake up early to do it!), but when you’re told not to run very much, it’s the thing you want to do more of!

The workout was an 8 mile run with 3 x 1 mile intervals at 5K pace.  I did my first interval at the pace Coach Alan had written down, but for the second and third mile I needed to recalculate my 5K pace since I’ve got a new goal in mind for the summer.  Also because the McMillian pace calculator said I should be running my 5K a bit faster based on my new half marathon PR in October.  It seemed like an ambitious goal to me, but it’s worth a try.


It was a good workout.  I’m starting to wonder how many miles I will run in the morning when I’m not in training!  I’ll have to run some miles, so I can catch up on my shows on the DVR!

Meanwhile at work…  I’m finally moved in… kind of!  My new work space has a desk now, complete with a few drawers.  But not enough drawers.  Just when I thought I had relocated all of my stuff from my old office, I found a few more boxes I have to sort though.  Unfortunately, my desk drawers are already full!  Purge time.

2015-04-07 16.43.21

I spent a good 10 minutes testing out all of these pens and narrowing my collection down to only 2 mugs.  Seriously, why do I have 3 mugs full of pens and pencils?!

2015-04-01 11.11.53

Here’s my “snack & stuff” drawer.  Sadly, another victim of downsizing.  The stuff barely fits!  I need to figure out this arrangement.  Or eat my snacks faster and chew a lot more gum, if that is possible.

2015-04-02 08.14.54

This new space does have some issues with the environment.  It gets a lot of sun when it’s sunny out.  Good for morale, bad for viewing my monitor.  The wall isn’t insulated the greatest either.  It gets warm when there is sun out, and today it was quite chilly.  But overall, I’m happy with this new space!  I just need to do a bit more organizing.

Q: Do you ever use pace calculators?  Do their predictions come true?

Q: Do you chew gum on a regular basis?

A: It’s quite a habit for me.  I have to have at least one stick a day, usually after lunch to give me a fresh feeling.  I also chew it when I’m hungry.

Q: Do you do an annual Spring Cleaning?

A: I try, but sadly I’ve been letting it slide the last few years.

The zoo, the niggles, and Taper Madness

Yes, that really is a word.  Well, at least “niggle” is a word that is heard a lot in the running community and it often appears around “taper madness”.

As for taper madness, I think this article sums it up perfectly for me…

taper madness

Read more about it here… it’s pretty funny (and ALL true!!)  And really, “should I buy new shorts?”.  Of course!  If only I could find a pair that fits correctly.  Sigh.

And about those niggles.  That happened to me this morning.  For reasons unknown to me, my right shin decided to hurt.  Just out of the blue as I started my run this morning.  I simply ignored it (of course!) and iced it after my run.  But on a good note, my left knee didn’t hurt one bit. Go figure.  By 4:00pm, the pain was gone.

I did some more kick butt intervals this morning.  Five 1/2 mile intervals from a pace of 7:30 up to 6:40!   I was very happy with this set because the last one was faster than the last time I ran intervals.

We took a day off on Tuesday and went to the new aquarium at our zoo.  It was pretty great taking a day off in the middle of the week because it made it seem like the weekend already!

The day started with some wholesome breakfast.  I mean, a bunch of sugar.  Rock on!!

2015-03-31 08.42.10

Then we spent a long time at the zoo.

2015-03-31 10.26.30

The coolest thing was this stingray who really wanted to be our friend!  He was practically jumping out of the tank to get petted.  Awwwww!

2015-03-31 10.23.48

2015-03-31 10.20.49

We also made friends with some parakeets who also really enjoyed our company.  And the treat on a stick.

2015-03-31 10.55.52 2015-03-31 10.54.10

After our long day at the zoo, we went out for pizza.  It was a well rounded family fun day!

2015-03-31 18.55.04

Q: Are you doing anything special this week?  Enjoying Spring Break maybe?

Q: Favorite donut flavors?

A: 1) Those things with the creme fillings. 2) Frosted with sprinkles 3) Pretty much anything at the bakery.

Q: Dream pet – stingray or parakeet??

A: Stingray, because that means I would live at the beach, right? 


Intervals and my coffee

I stayed up a little too late last night watching King of the Nerds with my hubby, but it was so nice.  With all of our marathon training taking up the days/nights, it’s great just to reconnect over a beer and some downtime.  But luckily my late night (and that beer!) didn’t stop my this morning.  I had a great 9 miler with intervals.  The plan said 1000m, so that translated to .63 miles of running fast, and .37 of recovery.  I started the intervals out at 8:04 and finished with my last set at 7:30.  I really need to bump those up next time and challenge myself a little more because I’ve calculated my 5K pace really should be closer to 7:43.

I put some good effort into it, and then enjoyed big cup of iced coffee in celebration!  Iced mocha is my fav!!  I also tried out my new skirt and it passed with flying colors!

2015-03-10 07.07.39



Here are some reasons you need to incorporate intervals into your marathon training….

The reason for including short, moderately fast workouts in marathon training is threefold:

1) Short, fast repeats improve your running economy (the amount of oxygen consumed at a given pace), and improved running economy is very important in the marathon. Think of it as getting better gas mileage–you can go longer before running out of gas.

2) Short, fast repeats break the monotony of training. Often, marathon training starts to put runners in a pace rut. Fast repeats challenge you to turn your legs over and help avoid the “marathoner shuffle.”

3) Short, fast repeats allow you to insert some volume of running at a pace that is significantly faster than marathon race pace.

Read more about that advice from McMillan:—>  (more)

I’m certain I don’t want any “marathoner shuffle”!!

Later, it was back to work – but luckily no moving of dusty boxes or computers today.  Just a bit more of solving technology issues.  Here is my “new space”.  It’s so lovely!  Too bad my desk is not in yet, so I have to work off of this plastic table for a week.  Sigh.  It will look awesome when it gets done though because I am making a promise right now to purge a bunch of stuff from my old space, and not to clutter this one up 🙂

2015-03-10 12.48.33

Soon, I was transporting kids to a chess match.  Zachary won his game in a short period of time.  He thinks he may not have been paired with someone at his ability, but he’ll still accept the win!  He took about 10 mins to win his game.  Sydney spent 40 mins on her game.  At one point she was up with 2 queens, but made a key mistake and ended up losing.  Still, it was quite a match and she did great.

2015-03-10 16.57.56

Q:  Do you prefer chess or checkers?

A: I prefer chess by far.  Checkers just annoys me!  My kids play chess so well, I should have paid attention during their lessons instead of reading celebrity magazines 🙂

Q:  Are you a “spring cleaner”?  Do you have an annual purge or cleaning, get rid of stuff along the way, or just hang on to everything?

A: I hate to admit it, but I hang on to things.  You just never know when you are going to need something!  But this year, I’m really going for some downsizing… starting with my office at work!