Thankful Tuesday

On the eve of what is going to be a bad day for more than a few people out there, I thought I would talk about some things that I am thankful for on this day before Boston Marathon cutoff declaration day!

But first, a quick recap of my camping weekend…  It was beautiful weather!

2015-09-26 11.13.45

We found fuzzy critters!

2015-09-26 11.15.14

We had fun fishing.

2015-09-27 11.26.04-1

The big one got away…

2015-09-27 11.16.17

2015-09-27 11.09.26

Here’s funny shot of what I found in the morning – my son’s toes on my daughter’s pillow!  Yes, she is under the blanket, and he somehow stretched across the bed without Sydney noticing it!

2015-09-26 07.09.30

… despite these colorful shoes, I did not run one bit.

2015-09-27 11.12.30

My week of rest is paying off so far.  My foot appears to be on the mend.  I started back to it with two running dates this week!  Yep, TWO!  And one was a new running friend : )  (Yo Jamie!)  And a bestie who is trying to get back to it (Yo Jennifer!!)  You know who you are.

Thankful for =====>  Running friends!!

Thankful for =====>  Delicious desserts made by my husband!!

2015-09-28 17.17.21-1

And also this love note in my car this morning…

2015-09-29 07.53.36

Thankful for =====>  Being back to running, after that one very long slow walk on my treadmill this week!  Woohoo, almost 2 miles!!

2015-09-28 06.27.38

Thankful for =====>  My happy family!!   This totally would have looked authentic if it wasn’t for Alan’s elbow sticking out…

2015-08-29 17.41.11

And one more set to get some good vibes going for tomorrow… for EVERYONE who registered.


Stop on back to see what Wednesday brings!!  Have a great Tuesday 🙂






Punta Cana – part 3 – snorkeling!


Wow, can you believe it’s taken me 3 weeks to recap a 8 day vacation??  Well, life gets busy ‘ya know.  Moving right along, here is part 3 of my Punta Cana vacation adventure.  And then I’ll get back to writing about some marathon training, since I’m getting down to a 3 week deadline (eeek!).

Another excursion we booked was an afternoon of snorkeling.  It was advertised as going out on a catamaran, snorkeling in the ocean, stingrays and sharks, and ending with a short visit at the lovely sandbar where you can enjoy a drink.  Well, it was all of those things – and more!  The “more” part was a lot more action than what we had imagined.  When the boat was pulling up to let off the previous passengers, it looked a lot like a “party boat” with a lot of drinking and loud music.  My daughter took one look at it and said “Mom, I don’t want to go on that boat!”.


Well, too bad because that’s the trip we booked!  It was very interesting being 4 of only 6 English speaking people on the boat.  Lots and lots of Spanish music, and jokes (we think) and laughs and we just smiled and nodded, as polite foreigners do 🙂


The snorkeling area was a tad crowded, but it still offered us a great view of the fish underneath and we got to stay out snorkeling twice as long as everyone else… because you know, we don’t speak Spanish so we don’t know if they were calling us back in or not!



After the snorkeling, we docked at a floating pen where they kept the stingrays and sharks.  I loved seeing the stingrays. They are such peaceful creatures.  The sharks were a pretty good size.  We held each of them.  I got to put my arms around the shark and hold him in the middle!  The stingrays shimmyed across our hands as we tried to “hold them like a pizza”.  Sneaky stingrays!


Stingrays float across the bottom of the ocean when they swim. So beautiful!

Unfortunately we did not buy the pictures of us holding the stingrays and sharks, because he wanted $60.  But here is a picture from back in 2009 when we paid some guy $10 to get a picture of us holding a shark in Cozumel, Mexico!  Good times.  The shark each one of us held in Punta Cana was that big, and it’s tail was flipping all over the place!


OMG, my son is only 4 years old! Are we really letting him hold a shark? As you can tell, he was pretty excited about it all…

Next up was the sandbar.  We all got to hang out in the water and enjoy some tropical drinks.  Oh, and for some reason they blew up a big floaty ball and a girl tried to stand up in it!  Epic fail, but quite entertaining.


In the end, it was an enjoyable excursion, even though it was a rowdy crowd.


I’ll probably have one more post with more pictures soon.  So many good memories from this trip!!


Q:  If given the chance, would you hold or swim with sharks?

My husband and I went on a shark dive in the Bahamas.  The shark’s fins brushed against us while they were feeding them!  They were beautiful to watch, but we dare not touch them 🙂

Q: Do you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving?

I’ll be honest, scuba diving kind of freaks me out (I get claustrophobic!), but I try my hardest not to let that get to me.

Q: Do you speak any languages other than English?

I probably should have taken Spanish in high school instead of French!



Adventures in Traverse City & Mackinaw

2015-08-15 12.58.01

I’m interrupting my recap of Punta Cana because I got sidetracked with the pictures from the camping trip we just took!  We took a trip up North to Traverse City, Michigan, this past weekend.  The highlight included a day at Mackinac Island.  Complete with lots of fudge!  It’s a specialty of the island.  We had a sample from every fudge shop on the island – and there are at least 8 of them!  This island prohibits motorized vehicles, so transportation is horses, bikes and your feet.


On our ferry ride to the island we got to go under the Mackinac bridge (Mighty Mac!).  Very beautiful!  That thing is almost 5 miles long!!


The island is small, but oh so beautiful.  The water is crystal clear.



All around the beach people had built rock piles or towers.  They are called “cairns” and there was something very Zen about them.


We built a rock pile too! PS, I did not ask my kids to dress in matching clothes. They did that on their own. 🙂


We also rode tandem bikes.  Note to self, single speed tandem bikes are a HECK of a workout when trying to go up hills.  Thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Whew!!


And, I’ve found out that my daughter is deathly afraid of running into other cyclists, so having her as my co-biker on the tandem was a challenge because she kept slamming on the breaks as soon as she felt we were too close, or going too fast (which was often!!).  Wish you could have heard her freaking out when I took this selfie (despite her smile, which I’m convinced was only for show).


After that day of biking and walking around all day on Friday, there was no way I was moving out of the bed on Sunday morning for my scheduled 17 mile long run.  I felt like I had been run over by a train.  So, long run postponed until Sunday!  We hit the beach in Traverse City instead.


Traverse City also had a fun splash area.  It was quite refreshing!  And the water jets were so powerful it shot us off of the ground!  haha, just kidding 😉


Back at the campground that night, the kids made us these awesome “arrangements” from treasures they found on a nature hike.


Alan and I got up early on Sunday for our long run and went to the bike trail, which was right next to the campground.  Only problem was, the gate between the two was closed AND locked.  Ha, do you think a locked gate is going to stop these runners from getting the required miles done?  Hell no!  So we climbed over the fence!  The funny part was that I almost ripped my shorts (OH NO!, not my favorite Athleta shorts!!!!), and while I was trying to avoid that situation, I jumped down from a bit higher than I expected.  I landed pretty hard, but it was OK.

2015-08-16 10.03.51

Oh sure, it’s open now!

The miles were hot and sweaty and by mile 14 I was downright hating the whole thing and wanted to be done.  Luckily Alan is very forgiving and he just let me complain on and got me to the end.  Thanks honey!!

2015-08-16 08.26.34 HDR

One of the happier moments on this run. haha!

Along the way a snake slithered across the path.  Yes, Alan actually took him out of the grass and put him back on the trail so we could look at him!  We like snakes 🙂

2015-08-16 09.05.05

OMG, he’s sooooo cute!

We had a lot of other good times on our camping trip, like usual.  I love camping!  On the way home, we stopped at another amazing place – the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.  We climbed the dunes.  I know it looks flat in our picture, but trust me, it’s a whole lot of uphill!

2015-08-16 14.42.23

Did anyone bring water?

See what I mean?  The dunes actually go on for another mile, until they reach the lake shore.  I have never done that hike, but someday I will… when it’s not 85 degrees.


The best part of the dune climb is running downhill at breakneck speed.  It’s a great time!!  Surprisingly I didn’t even do a face plant on the way down (always a fear in the back of my mind).


Fast forward to Monday morning.  I got out of bed for my morning run, and I felt it.  A pain near the shin of my right leg.  Yep, the same leg that I landed hard on when jumping that fence.  Ugh.  I panicked!  I sunk back in bed and wondered if I had a stress fracture!  My mind was racing.  Finally I decided I wasn’t going back to sleep at this point and if I had fractured something, I probably would have felt it yesterday.   I ended up running a slow, cautious 3 miles on the treadmill in slight pain and I iced it at work.

Tuesday morning was a slight repeat of Monday, with a similar, but less, pain in the shin again.  I decided it was only a strain of some sort, but was still a little freaked because I could not pass the “hop test” on that leg.  Still, not thinking it’s anything, ran 10 miles on the treadmill.

Come Weds it’s feeling about 90% better so I’m pretty well convinced it’s something that some rest will help it, and luckily Thurs is a rest day.  I’m getting ready for my last 20 mile run on Friday.  Heck, then it’s all downhill from there until Erie marathon!!  Hopefully my next post will be the rest of my Punta Cana pictures.


Q:  Do you enjoy riding on tandem bikes?

My son was awesome at being my partner on the tandem bike.  I guess you just need to find a rider who is in sync with you!!

Q:  Have you ever had to break the law to run??

What, me?  Never.

Q:  Have you ever had a stress fracture?

Punta Cana – part 2 – Monkeys & Zip Lining

For one of the excursions outside of the resort, we decided to go zip lining.  It just so happens that this excursion started with a trip to Monkey Land!  Cute little monkeys??  Yes please!!


Before I get any farther into this post, I must warn you that I have super frizzy, curly hair when it’s humid out.  It’s downright scary!  Thus, I resorted to wearing a large hat while poolside.


Yep, a braid AND a hat takes care of that mess!

At night I just let it go curly and tried to tame it a little.


But without any help, it was just not pretty!


Hey, really nice looking hair lady!

So please try to see past my hair and see the beauty of the countryside for this post…


The journey to the zip lines and monkeys took us into the mountains on the island and past some small villages.  It’s at times like these I like to point out to my kids how happy these people are to have clean water and electricity, and to reflect on that next time they whine about not being able to play their video games for *another* hour!

P1070366 P1070372

I thought it was really cool because we got to see several fruits and vegetables growing there: pineapples, avocados, mangoes, cocoa beans, and coconuts.  Look close in the middle of the picture, there is a cocoa bean pod in that tree!  I had no idea they were so big.


The monkeys live in a very large contained area (several acres), but they know when the tourists arrive and that the tourists are bringing them food!  When we went into their space, within a few minutes about a dozen monkeys appeared from out of the trees and bushes.


They walked over to our bowls and selected their favorite treats out of our well stocked bowls.  They scampered all over our arms, shoulders and on top of our heads gathering their food.


A couple of mommy monkeys also appeared with their babies clinging to their back.  The babies hold on to their mom all day long, even when they are sleeping!  It was pretty amazing to see them.  And they were sooooooo cute!!


After the monkeys (“what, we can’t take them home??”), we headed over to the zip lining building and got geared up for our adventure.  There is something kind of badass about getting all of that gear on!

P1070415 P1070434

The zip lines were controlled by us – using a large leather glove we could slow ourselves down (pulling down on the cable), or speed up (by letting go).  We were taught how to make the perfect landing, and off we went!  We went on 10 different platforms that had varying heights and features.


Some were really fast, and others went across the water and through the lush landscape.


It was really beautiful in the mountains!  It was a really great day that we’ll never forget.  The zip lines were fast, and a lot of fun!  Here is a quick clip of me zip lining…

Thanks for taking to the time to endure the bad hair pictures today.  More fun vacation pics to follow!


Q: Is your hair affected by humidity? 

I swear there were people by the pool with perfect looking hair.  How does that happen??  I really did brush my hair on vacation.  I promise.

Q: Monkeys – want one for a pet, or are they just a little too sneaky for you?

Q: Have you ever been zip lining?  If so, where?

Punta Cana, part 1!

With so many awesome things on our trip to Punta Cana, I’ve decided to write a couple posts about it.  And here’s part 1!


Punta Cana is on the island of the Dominican Republic.  This is information I learned just prior to our trip 🙂  Spanish speaking, and quite tropical.  We had a super duper early flight and finally got to our hotel, the Iberostar Bavaro around 3pm.  I was pretty much a zombie for that day, so it consisted of room check in, food, sleep.

The rest of the days were filled with fun, sun, and even some run(ning)! (oh, and “rum” which also rhymes!)


Running at 6am was the start to almost every day.  We could see the sun rise, and greet the 3 or 4 other crazy people who were also out running on their vacation.  We ran between 4 miles and 8 miles each day, which only made a little dent in the calories that I inhaled each day.  Dessert after breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.  I have no willpower!

We got to stop at the “adults only” hotel next to us since our kids weren’t with us on the morning runs.  And of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do our own Titanic scene (so cheesy!!).


“King of the world!!!” (hey you people from the other hotel, get off our boat!!”

P1070135 P1070137

Our pool was really awesome.  It was right next to a kids play area, so it was pretty mellow with other families, and not a lot of loud party people.   Don’t get me wrong, we still got our drink on, and busted out some loud tunes when the water aerobics came on, but it was pretty much PG-13 at our pool.  Just the way I like it!



I’m feeling the burn!

We did get to see a fair share of butts on this trip.  Europeans, and other countries, are far more relaxed and free in their choice of bikini bottoms and the hineys were hanging out of a lot of Brazilian cut suits.  No problem.  We were all pretty used to it after the first day!  We even had a couple of topless women strolling on our beach.  Now that’s something you sure don’t see in Ohio!

Oh my.  That's all I can.

Oh my. That’s all I can.

Breakfast consisted of a wonderful assortment of every food that you could think of under the sun.  Our breakfast restaurant was right next to fish, flamingos, and other birds that loved to be fed.  I’m pretty sure the only reason they put the saltine crackers at the buffet was for the kids to feed the animals.

P1070158 P1070163

One afternoon the kids wanted to do the free scuba dive in the pool.  We had done that last year in Mexico too, but this year the equipment fit my son much better and they both did very well.  We almost did a resort dive course for them so we could dive in the ocean together, but decided to hold off and get them certified in Ohio so we didn’t take up our vacation time.

P1070032 P1070036


Each day a photographer brought around an exotic animal for pictures.  We chose the parrots but on other days there were huge iguanas, and a monkey.  I’m surprised I didn’t totally freak out because my nose got bit last year by a toucan in Mexico!  I did keep a watchful eye on them though….

Parrot1 Parrot2 Parrot3

The kids had a blast building sand castles on the beach and named each one they created “Fort Safe” or “Fort Safer”  or “Fort Super Safe”.  Sadly, they were no match for the high tide each night and were wiped out.


Our resort was covered with palm trees and coconuts.  The workers would cut the coconuts down and cut off the tops and share with the guests.  We were disappointed to find out that we did not like coconut water one bit!  Bleech!!  But it did make a nice prop for pictures, and we enjoyed flaking the yummy white coconut meat out from the inside of it. (btw, that lady in the background of my picture was pregnant and even she was sporting a Brazilian cut bikini!!)

P1070072 P1070074

I’m having a lot of fun browsing through our million pictures finding some to share with you!  But for now, I’ll leave you with this and there are more to come!


The view from our chair at the pool


Adios! Hasta pronto 😉


Q:  I must know, are there a lot of Brazilian cut suits where you are from?? (is that the correct term even?)

Q: Give the choice, do you hang out at the pool or the beach?

The choice was too hard, so we did both!!